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Belonging Education & Support System Division of Inclusive Excellence

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Bias Incident Reporting Process

Acts of Bias Flowchart


Text Version of Acts of BIAS Flowchart

Acts of BIAS Flowchart

  1. Bias Complaint Filed Online
  2. Director of Belonging Education and Support System (BESS) review complaint
  3. Does the Complaint fall in one of the 8 bias categories? Does the complaint fall under a violation of an executive order, campus code of conduct or university policy?
    • If Yes, proceed to step 4
    • If No, proceed to step 7
  4. Does the complaint require direct and immediate support? Was there a violation of campus policy?
    • If Yes, proceed to step 5
    • If No, proceed to 6
  5. University designee will contact complainant within one business day and provide immediate
  6. BESS Team: Bring the Complaint to the BESS team for deliberation about systemic intervention(s) that can address the act of bias.
    • Recommendation Examples:
      • Policy Modification
      • Procedural Justice
      • Restorative Justice
      • Training Offered
    • Proceed to step 8
  7. Dependent on the nature of the complaint, the Director refer Complaint to other campus resource
    • Campus Resources:
      • Academic Appeals
      • CARES
      • Counseling
      • Employee & Labor Relations
      • Academic Labor Relations
      • Office of Equal Opportunity
      • Student Conduct
      • Student Organizations and Leadership
  8. Bi-Annual Acts of Bias Report: Director of BESS Team develop a bi-annual report on the following: (1) number of complaints filed; (2) number of complaints referred to other campus resources; (3) number of acts of bias complaints in one of the 8 categories; (4) disaggregated data on demographics of complainants; (5) Disaggregated data on location(s) or the general category of allegations: peer, faculty, online platform, department, student org etc.