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Division of Inclusive Excellence Employee Affinity Groups

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Employee Affinity Group (EAG) Recognition Process

Employee Affinity Groups (EAG) that seek to be recognized and sponsored by Sacramento State must comply with an application and annual recertification process. This process has been designed to allow formal recognition and sponsorship by the University, while also allowing EAGs significant latitude to operate based on the collective efforts and leadership of its members.

University recognized EAGs receive:

  • Recognition as an official organization of Sacramento State and executive sponsorship through the Division of Inclusive Excellence
  • University webpage for EAG (links to social media, EAG private website, contact info, etc.)
  • University provided e-mail address
  • Ability to reserve space and access institutional resources
  • Access to University financial account, if desired
  • Direct access to the University administration through the VP of Inclusive Excellence and greater visibility to the campus community via new staff and faculty orientations, and other University-sponsored events, etc.

Minimum Requirements

  • Mission Statement
  • Charter/Constitution/Bylaws
    • Hold meetings open to the campus community and public
    • Specify Meeting frequency – minimum of 4 times per year
    • Requires statement of non-discrimination for membership
    • Must specify officer's selection process, duties, terms
      • Officers must be faculty or staff
      • Must have a minimum of 3 officers
    • If the group wishes to establish a University financial account, one of the Officer positions must be Treasurer. In the group bylaws, you must specify exactly how the group plans to collect dues to fund the University account and specify Treasurer’s duties to include attending cash handling training and accounting services training.
    • Must monitor the University supplied e-mail address
    • Must keep University supplied website up to date (IE office will maintain)
      • If applicable, must link to EAG’s active platform (social media, external website, message board, etc.)
    • Must reaffirm EAG annually through the Division of Inclusive Excellence

Please be advised that Employee Affinity Groups are formed voluntarily and are not dictated by management. Similarly, individual employee membership and participation in EAGs is voluntary. In addition, all meetings and activities by EAGs must be open to all employees, not just staff or faculty of a particular race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, age, etc. Finally, EAGs may not seek to address issues within the jurisdiction of labor unions, such as work hours, pay, promotions, working conditions, or work assignments.

Application Process

  1. Meet with your group to:
    • Collect 5 signatures of support from faculty and staff
    • Draft a Mission Statement (See guidelines and sample Mission Statement)
    • Draft Charter which specifies officer's selection process, duties, terms, AND meeting frequency. (See guidelines and sample constitution/bylaws/charter)
    • Determine 1st proposed public meeting and meeting frequency (minimum 4 times a year)
  2. Fill out Application Qualtrics Form - (see Forms section)
  3. A staff member from the Division of Inclusive Excellence will contact your proposed EAG’s representative within five (5) business days.
    • A meeting will be scheduled to review your application and address any outstanding issues in order to receive approval and recognition. At this meeting, EAGs wishing to establish a University financial account can discuss the additional next steps.

After Approval

After an EAG has received formal approval through Inclusive Excellence, it may establish its website and pursuant to the parameters required for university EAG websites. The EAG will work directly with Inclusive Excellence to establish their websites.