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Promote Sac State Becoming Showcase: Advancing the AICP (2024)

Highlights from the 2024 Showcase

Our campus came together to mark the wonderful progress that we've made toward fulfilling the Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Action Plan (AICAP). We were so happy that so many Hornets were able to join us for our Promote Sac State Becoming Showcase: Advancing the AICP.

The showcase allowed our campus to share and promote high-impact practices and demonstrate our progress and continued commitment to becoming an antiracism and inclusive campus. We highlighted research and many services, programs, campus projects, and initiatives that have been developed, institutionalized, and sustained toward fulfilling the goals of the AICAP. During the day, a graphic facilitator visually captured the essence and key themes of the Showcase. Over 40 campus partners shared how their work is leading Sac State toward becoming an antiracist and inclusive campus, demonstrating our collective commitment to progress.We also hosted a resource fair, a satellite Stinger Studio Makerspace, and a Storytelling Booth. We had nearly 500 participants who came to witness how far we've come in our effort to BECOME a more inclusive and just campus where we all feel valued and that we belong.

Student Sumaya Mayaar and President Wood sitting in armchairs.
Student Sumaya Mayaar and President Wood in conversation.

President Luke Wood's Keynote

We were thrilled to have our very own President Luke Wood as the featured keynote speaker for the Promote Sac State Becoming Showcase!

President Luke Wood delivered an inspiring keynote speech, reinvigorating Sacramento State's unwavering dedication to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ). With a vision for a brighter future, he illuminated the challenges ahead, urging all attendees to embrace their roles as catalysts for positive change. President Wood celebrated the rich diversity of our community, proudly recognizing Sacramento State's status as a Hispanic-Serving Institution and honoring our vibrant Asian American Pacific Islander population. Emphasizing our collective journey, he reiterated our aspiration to evolve into a Black-Serving Institution, igniting a sense of purpose and empowerment among all who seek to create a campus where every individual feels valued, heard, and embraced.

Photograph of President Luke Wood at a podium.
President Luke Wood's Keynote.

Graphic Facilitator

Throughout the day, graphic facilitator Raven Tahara captured the essence of the event by visually documenting key themes and notes from our dynamic speakers and discussions. These inspiring illustrations beautifully portray the overall message of the Showcase.

Graphic Facilitator Raven Tahara illustrates the keynote speech.

Graphic Facilitator's Illustrations

Graphic illustration number 1

Graphic illustration #2

Graphic illustration #3

Graphic illustration #4.

The illustrations above can also be viewed using the link below.

Showcase Graphic Illustrations

Presenters and Speakers

Over 40 campus partners presented during the Showcase, outlining their work toward advancing the AICP and contributing to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice (DEIBJ) on our campus. Below are some images of our wonderful presenters and workshop leaders.

Presenter in front of a screen.

Presenter holding a microphone in front of a screen.

Presenter in front of a movie screen.

Presenters engaging with their audience.

Showcase Activities

Satellite Stinger Studio Makerspace

The Stinger Studio set up a satellite Makerspace for the day, offering visitors a chance to learn about their work and make buttons.

Student creates a button at the makerspace.

Resource Fair

The resource fair offered visitors opportunities to meet and learn more about our campus partners and all the ways they are advancing the AICP in their part of the university.

Students and volunteers surround a booth at the resource fair.

At-the-Table Activism

The At-the-Table Activism session allowed participants to take action and solve real equity dilemmas that our campus needs to address as part of our collective roles in advancing the AICP.

Graphic facilitator Raven Tahara captures key themes from the at-the-table activism.

Storytelling Booth

Our Storytelling Booth provided a space for visitors to talk about how they've experienced antiracism and inclusion on our campus and why these are key values for our institution. Participants' stories were compiled into a short video, which you can watch by clicking the link below.

AICP Showcase 2024: Storytelling Booth Stories

Showcase Program Details

The link below provides the full Showcase program, including the agenda for the day, and descriptions of all the presentations and workshops that occurred.

Full Showcase Program (2024)

News Coverage of the 2024 Showcase

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