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Sac State Downtown Mission

As California’s capital university, Sacramento State is at the forefront of issues paramount to the region, including arts and culture, business and entrepreneurship, engineering and science, and public policy and government. It is a hub for innovative teaching, learning, and research to address real-world issues and improve the quality of life in the Sacramento region. And with its downtown location, the University is easily accessible to policymakers and practitioners, enhancing Sacramento State’s connection to the capital community.

Academic offerings, public affairs programming, and research services will help the public, private, and nonprofit sectors address challenges, develop and grow the region's workforce and economy, and cultivate a diverse and culturally rich community.

By harnessing the power and synergies of our outstanding programs and the collective talent and expertise of our faculty and students, Sacramento State is planting a flag downtown and we are achieving our promise as California’s capital university. — President Robert S. Nelsen