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A Place of Belonging Murals

In 2021, Sacramento State made a commitment to be an antiracism and inclusive campus.

The 2022 BELIEVING Campus Murals event marked the beginning of a multiyear mural project to support the University’s Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan (AICP).

The first phase is BELIEVING we have challenges to overcome and collectively doing something about it. Phase two is BECOMING an antiracism, inclusive, and anti-oppression campus that transforms policies, procedures, perspectives, and practices so that our BEING represents our humanity in all of its beautiful splendor and conveys a true sense of belonging.

Created by students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members, the art on these walls is a living representation of our campus community on this journey and beyond. Each year, new murals will be created on the Ernest E. Tschannen Engineering Teaching and Research Building as we grow together.

Sac State Becoming Muralists

Spring 2024 BECOMING Mural Event

Seven artists spent two weeks painting a 7-by-30-foot section of the wall on the side of the Ernest E. Tschannen Engineering Teaching and Research Building. The "Becoming" mural was revealed during an April 10 event on campus.

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Phillip Altstatt (Alumni and Staff)

Phillip Alstatt in front of Becoming Mural

@artworkbyphil on Instagram

BECOMING Statement

There has been a lot of discussion around equity, diversity and inclusion, both on campus and in the region. Becoming, to me, is about acting on those discussions; but, it’s also much more than that. In order to become the thing that we are talking about - to become a place of equity, where all people are valued - we must celebrate one another the way we would celebrate ourselves, or our loved ones. A transformation must take place in our hearts, so that change can take place in our policies. I do believe in this transformation, and it’s time to become that change.

Julie Crumb (Student)

Julie Crumb and Alejandra Ruiz in front of Becoming Mural@julie.bernadeth on Instagram

BECOMING Statement

This mural serves as a vibrant testament to the transformative power of Assembly Bill 1460, a pivotal milestone in California's educational landscape. Enacted on August 16, 2020, by Governor Gavin Newsom, AB1460 mandates the inclusion of a qualifying three-unit ethnic studies course as a graduation requirement for all California State Universities. The roots of ethnic studies in higher education reach back to 1968 when a coalition of visionary activists—Black student union organizers, Latinx students, and Asian American students—joined forces as the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF). United in their quest for a more diverse and inclusive San Francisco State University, they spearheaded a 5-month strike, demanding increased admission of students of color and the establishment of a College of Ethnic Studies. Fast forward 52 years and AB 1460 propels California into unprecedented territory, making it the first state in the nation to mandate the completion of an ethnic studies course for graduation. This legislative landmark represents a monumental step toward fostering a more inclusive, anti-racist educational environment for all California State College students. Drawing inspiration from Jose Rizal's timeless wisdom, "No History No Self, Know History Know Self," the mural concisely underscores the profound connection between history, personal identity, and empowerment. I aim to encapsulate the importance of AB 1460, while paying homage to the legacy of The Third World Liberation Front, and fostering an ongoing dialogue about a future where educational institutions are a beacon of inclusivity.

Heather Hogan (Staff)

Heather Hogan in front of Becoming Mural

View artwork on Tenacious Goods

BECOMING Statement

This mural is a collaboration with students in the McClatchy High School Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program who are becoming adults and creatives. Select student artwork, inspired by the Becoming prompt, is digitized and simplified to form the word “BECOMING”. Working together on a college campus, led by a working artist, helps them to become the next iteration of themselves, whether that's a professional artist or a Sacramento State student.

Giselle Lacap (Student)

Giselle Lacap in front of Becoming Mural

View artwork in Giselle's portfolio

BECOMING Statement

As a queer Filipino-American student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women and Gender Studies, I’ve developed a thorough understanding that has developed into an adoration for intersectionality; the concept of the importance of recognizing the compounding identities of individuals that result in differing life experiences. Through my four years attending Sacramento State in both virtual spaces and physical, one commonality I have always shared with my peers is our ultimate goal of graduation. This is reflected in my interpretation of the theme of BECOMING - while nobody has had the exact same experiences, we all share a dream of this milestone. The graduates in my proposal are with their younger selves, who are interacting amiably with who they are in the process of developing into. I wanted to emphasize our pride as Hornets through the portrayal of these students as jubilantly celebrating their future selves’ success in their own special ways, while they are all connected through the fact that they have all worked hard to make those futures their realities. This piece also incorporates references to the four seasons, symbolizing the paradoxical cycle of consistent changes that revolves through our unique evolutions. I am in constant awe of how many different identities are not only represented separately on our campus, but are able to coexist and collaborate in a way that gives me deep optimism for the cultivation of an inclusive campus that encourages Hornets to become their best selves together.

Jose Martinez (Alumni)

Jose Martinez in front of Becoming Mural

@jah674 on Instagram

BECOMING Statement

Becoming to me encompasses change, growth, and a rebirth; realizing your true self. The butterfly shows a huge change in nature, it shows growth and a new found beauty in the world. I love using skeletons to depict a connection to humanity, the ambiguity of a skeleton allows for any person to include themselves into the story, regardless of their age, gender, or race. I use the duality of life and death to show a lifetime. I do this in order to show that a person is able to grow become someone different and hopefully there is more beauty in their life.

Eddie Palacios (Guest Artist)


@glob_cds on Instagram

Alejandra Ruiz (Student)

Julie Crumb and Alejandra Ruiz in front of Becoming Mural

Nicole Sena (Student)

Nicole Sena in front of Becoming Mural

BECOMING Statement

Not every new student who walks onto this campus comes with the hope of experiencing some sort of life- changing metamorphosis or transformation, but most do. As an inclusive, anti-racist campus, Sacramento State is providing a safe place for students to become the people they are meant to be. Having a space like this, and others like it, has allowed me to transform my life and become the person I am. My mural depicts a phoenix in flight. The phoenix, which undergoes a radical transformation through it’s intense baptism-by-fire, is reborn anew. Afterwards it is free, limitless, and full of potential. My version of this mythical bird is modeled after the Quetzal bird of Central America, where it can sometimes represent freedom. Behind the bird is a bright, radiant, stained-glass sun. This not only represents renewal, but unity. I have combined these symbols because I feel like they embody the idea of “becoming”.

Wood Farguheson "Tsumnu" (Guest Artist)

Wood Farguheson

@tsumnuartwork on Instagram

Jaci Zemenchik (Student)

Jaci Zemenchik in front of Becoming Mural

@_jacilanae on Instagram

BECOMING Statement

Becoming is a word that is near and dear to my heart. I never truly felt like I belonged until I joined Sacramento state a year ago, and felt like I finally fit in a place that accepted everyone. And even despite my disability that only allows me to whisper, I have never felt so heard. Woman empowerment in particular is something that I am particularly passionate about. I never felt like I had much of a voice growing up, both because of my disability and because of being a woman in a male-led and male-prioritized organization . It would be my dream to particularly illustrate three powerful and independent women of different races that all are in the midst of transforming and becoming. These women would represent the women of Sacramento State, because we may all be of different backgrounds but each of us are united in our own journey of becoming. The motif of the butterfly, would additionally symbolize transformation. And just how the caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, so can each female student at sacramento state turn into a strong independent woman that embodies tenacity and becoming an inclusive, kind, and powerful woman. I hope more than anything that I am able to paint a mural for this wonderful Hornet Family, and bring an additional beauty to this wonderful campus.

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This event is being coordinated by University Communications, the Division of Inclusive Excellence, the College of Arts and Letters, Facilities Management, and other campus stakeholders, in partnershp with Blue Line Arts.


2022 BELIEVING Mural Event

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Phillip Altstatt (alumnus/staff)

Phillip Altstatt's artist statement

Phillip Altstatt

Luis Garcia (Faculty) and Fall 22 Art 135 Students

Luis Garcia's artist statement

Luis Garcia Headshot

Emma Montalbano (Student)

Emma Montalbano's artist statement

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Erik Oliver (Alumnus)

Erik Oliver's artist statement

Erik Oliver

Jane Simeon (Student)

Jane Simeon's artist statement

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Anastasia Sullivan (Student)

Anastasia Sullivan's artist statement

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Wood Farguheson "Tsumnu" (Guest Artist)

Wood Farguheson

Beth Consetta Rubel (WOW Artist)

Beth Consetta Rubel and Team