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A Place of Belonging

PLEASE NOTE: The BECOMING mural event has been postponed until spring 2024. An updated schedule and submission form will be available during the fall semester.

In 2021, Sacramento State made a commitment to be an antiracism and inclusive campus.

The 2022 BELIEVING Campus Murals event marked the beginning of a multiyear mural project to support the University’s Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan (AICP).

The first phase is BELIEVING we have challenges to overcome and collectively doing something about it. Phase two is BECOMING an antiracism, inclusive, and anti-oppression campus that transforms policies, procedures, perspectives, and practices so that our BEING represents our humanity in all of its beautiful splendor and conveys a true sense of belonging.

Created by students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members, the art on these walls is a living representation of our campus community on this journey and beyond. Each year, new murals will be created on Santa Clara Hall as we grow together.

Believe murals on Santa Clara Hall

2022 BELIEVING Mural Event

Phillip Altstatt (alumnus/staff)

Artist statement phillip-altstatt.jpg

Luis Garcia (faculty) and Fall 22 Art 135 Students

Artist statement


Emma Montalbano (student)

Artist statement


Erik Oiver (alumnus)

Artist statement


Jane Simeon (student)

Artist statement


Anastasia Sullivan (student)

Artist statement


Wood Farguheson "Tsumnu" (guest artist)


Beth Consetta Rubel (WOW artist)


View artist bios and social media links

Article and Video: Multiyear Wide Open Walls mural project showcases Sac State’s efforts to become an antiracist and inclusive campus
Photo Album
abc10 News Feature

Spring 2024 BECOMING Mural Event

An updated schedule and submission form will be available during the fall semester.

Entry Requirements

No mural experience is necessary, but painting experience and an available portfolio is preferred.

Entries must include:

  • Artist portfolio, website or social media links (if applicable)
  • Examples of three completed artworks with a brief description, 50 words maximum, for each piece
  • A written statement of interpretation of the theme "Becoming" as it applies to our region and campus in terms of antiracism and inclusivity, 250 words maximum
  • Proposed sketch/design concept for the mural to be painted (murals are 7 x 30 feet horizontal)

Selection Criteria

Entries will be scored on:

  • Originality and artistry of completed artworks submitted
  • Impact of the written interpretation of the theme
  • Adherence to the theme in the proposed sketch
  • Creativity, uniqueness, and originality in the proposed sketch
  • Overall impression of the completed artworks and proposed sketch

Selection Process

A selection panel will independently score the submissions and the artists with the top scores will be invited to participate.

A minimum of two artists selected will be current students. The remaining four will be selected from the student, faculty, staff, and alumni applicant pool.

Artist Compensation

Each Sac State student artist will receive a $1,000 stipend upon completion of their murals.

If you missed the artist submission workshop, you can view it at the link below. Presenters provided information about the submission and selection process and insights about the public art experience.



More information will be posted here as it becomes available. If you have questions, please email

This event is being coordinated by University Communications, the Division of Inclusive Excellence, the College of Arts and Letters, Facilities Management, and other campus stakeholders.