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Finish in Four

A Comprehensive Campaign for Improving Graduation Rates

“Finish in Four,” Sacramento State’s plan for student success, is a University-wide, collaborative, student-centered strategy that combines research-based best practice and data-informed decision making to document quality learning, increase graduation rates, and eliminate the achievement gap.

Implementation Strategies

  • Campus planning, organizing and communicating to foster a culture of student success
  • Enrollment management from recruitment to graduation, ensuring that all needed course sections are offered based on students’ progression requirements
  • Advising
  • Eliminating the Achievement Gap
  • Work with K-12 and community colleges to improve college-going and transfer

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Systemic Outcomes

  • Increasing the number of faculty positions
  • Adding course sections and seats
  • Changing academic policy and ending remedial, non-credit bearing Math classes as well as emphasizing directed English self-placement classes
  • Partnering with school districts and community colleges in establishing successful pathways
  • Implementing a technology ecosystem for personalized student scheduling, efficient space allocation, integrative advising as well as predictive analytics that is accessible to students, faculty, staff, administrators as well as external shareholders
  • Expanding summer semester programming with additional financial incentives.
  • Developing alternative scheduling including more frequent evening and weekend courses as well as block and structured scheduling
  • Establishing a Cabinet-level Office that coordinates student success activities across departments, colleges, and divisions. Forming multiple committees comprised of students, staff, faculty, and administrators to advance a success model
  • Assessing support and development service programs across outcome metrics for learning and success
  • Improving the morale and esteem of a university community by maximizing the environmental processes leading to qualified graduates

Pledge to Take 15

“Finish in Four” student benefits

  • Priority registration for fall semester, spring semester, and summer session classes to stay “on-track.”
  • Grants of up to $1,000 for summer session courses. *Summer Provost grants are subject to funding
  • In-person appointments with an advisor each semester in the first year to review courses and degree progression.
  • The Sac State Rewards Program, which provides additional incentives through vouchers and discounts on campus goods and services.


  • Enrollment in at least 15 units per semester, or 30 units per year, including summer session classes, if needed.
  • Use of Smart Planner to plan all courses through graduation.
  • One appointment per semester with a general advisor, graduation advisor, or major advisor to review courses and degree planning.
  • Keep “on-track” with degree road map as determined by the Academic Requirements Report.
  • An overall GPA of at least 2.0 each semester of enrollment until the completion of your degree.

Only admitted, incoming first-year students are eligible for the pledge.