Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Kim Nalder, PhD

Title: Professor of Political Science / Exec. Director, CalSpeaks Opinion Research/ Director, Project for an Informed Electorate

Office Location: Tahoe Hall 3121 and ISR, Adams Building

Email: klnalder@csus.edu

Office Phone: 916.278.6693

Mailing Address: 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6089

Office Hours: W 10:30-11:30 and by appointment

Twitter handle - personal and programs : @kimberlynalder @PIESacState @CalSpeaksPolls

Courses That I Teach

Govt (Political Science) 1: Essentials of Government (intro)
Govt (Political Science) 152: Political Psychology
Govt (Political Science) 157: Politics, Opinion, and Participation
Govt (Political Science) 158: Mass Media and American Politics

Govt (Political Science) 166: Gender and Politics

Govt (Political Science) 270: Political Behavior (graduate level)

Select Recent Media and Publications

Nalder, Kim (with David C. Barker and Danielle Joesten Martin). 2017. Distrust of Fact-Checking is Not Restricted to the Right. Vox.com

Nalder, Kim (with David C. Barker and Jessica Newham). 2017. Progressive Protesters Face Longer Odds Than the Tea Party Did. Vox.com

Nalder, Kim (with Meredith Conroy and Danielle Joesten Martin). 2016. The Two Hillary Clintons: How Supporters and Detractors Describe the Democratic Nominee. London School of Economics American Politics and Policy Blog

Nalder, Kim. 2017. California Government (digital textbook chapter). Globalyceum.com

Nalder, Kim. 2017. California Voters: Knowledge, Misinformation, and Consequences (digital textbook reading) Globalyceum.com

Nalder, Kim. 2017. Fake News: Trust, Misinformation, Press Legitimacy and Democracy. (digital textbook chapter) Globalyceum.com

Nalder, Kim (with Amy Kautzman). 2017. Fake News: Navigating the "Post-Fact" Era (digital textbook chapter) Globalyceum.com

Nalder, Kimberly. The Paradox of Prop. 13: The Informed Public's Misunderstanding of California's Third Rail. California Journal of Politics and Policy.


Principle Investigator Projects and Reports

CalSpeaks Opinion Research Statewide Survey

Asian American Pacific Islander Regional Survey Series on commuity health needs

Valley Vision, Sacramento Regional Survey series

Social Science Research and Instructional Council CalSPEAKS faculty fellowships and data archiving project

Others are completed or in contracting

Research Projects/Interests

My current research focuses on political psychology and political behavior. I also have research interests in California politics, public opinion, political communication, and gender and politics.

Current working papers/ manuscripts on:

  • The efficacy of fact checking
  • Factors influencing support for political protest
  • Fact checking response and gender
  • Misinformation on mechanics of voting and turnout
  • Utility of civic engagement public information events
  • Gender and candidate perceptions
  • Candidate demonization and personality

Stay tuned!

Check out the Project for an Informed Electorate page for details about PIE events in the Sacramento region and streaming video archives of past events.

Recommended Resources

Recommended Fact-Checking Resources: Politifact.comPolitifact California, factcheck.org, Washington Post Factchecker

Article citing Nalder research at the Economist: What do you know? Economist.com