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Title: Professor of Ethnic Studies and Punjabi

Office Location: MRP 2023


Office Phone: (916) 278-5379

Mailing Address: Sacramento State University, World Languages and Literatures, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6087

Office Hours: Fall 2017 T 5:30 PM -6:15 PM by appointment

This page updated: : September 30, 2017

Courses That I Teach

Students may access syllabus in SacCT

Fall 2017: PUNJ 1A  

Spring 2018: PUNJ 1B


 Spring 2018: ETHN 122 Sikh Americans and Globalization

Spring 2018 : ETHN 122 Weekly Schedule

Class Meetings: Fall 2017 : PUNJ 1A  T TH 6:30-8:20 PM  Eureka Hall 107

 Class Meetings: PUNJ 1B

 T TH 6:30-8:20 PM --Mariposa Hall 2005

 Class Meetings: ETHN 122

  T Th 4:30-5:45 PM Library 4021


Punjabi Language and Linguistics

Punjabi is originally the language of people of Punjab, the land of the five tributaries of the mighty Indus River in northwestern part of South Asia, where the Indus Civilization flourished 4700 years ago. That land now comprises Punjab (India) and Punjab (Pakistan).

           Over 100 million speakers of the Punjabi language now make their presence felt in almost all continents of the world. Punjabi Diaspora brought their language, religion and culture with them. A new generation of Punjabi learners wishes to mirror the cultural and linguistic diversity of the global community.

Phonetic features of the Punjabi language are easy to decode as there is hardly any ambiguity in the script and the sound. Most of the consonants are grouped according to their place and manner of articulation. Aspirated and un-aspirated consonants in Punjabi form distinctive phonemes, whereas in English, these are only variants.


Fall Semester:

PUNJ 1A Punjabi Elementary

Spring Semester:

ETHN 122 Sikh American & Globalization

PUNJ 1B Punjabi Elementary

Punjabi Elementary courses will introduce modern Punjabi as spoken in Punjab and neighboring states.  While emphasizing teaching of four language skills:  speaking, reading, listening, writing, students will also learn interpersonal communication in Punjabi.  Grasping the basics of the language, students are expected to interact with the community members in real life situations, and will include reading comprehension and writing brief compositions.The Beginning Punjabi 1B: continuation of the Beginning 1A course



Sikh Americans and Globalization: An upper division GE course. The course is offered in Spring through Department of Ethnic Studies.
See the flyer for more information
. Course taught by Dr. Singh.

Historical Artifact: Gadar Printing Press

Punjabi Language has a history of more than 100 years in California. Sikh Pioneers published Punjabi newspapers in 1913 from San Francisco. They bought a Printing Press and produced a lot of literature for liberating India from the British control. Their dream was to make India a free nation, "United States of India."

At the outset of World War 1, Sikh pioneers created a movement for the freedom of India.

Punjabi sound Chart


Punjabi Alphabet Song for educational purpose only.

Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab (India) completed in 1604.

Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as Golden Temple, is the spiritual and political center of the Sikhs.

Punjabi language got a major boost when Adi Granth in Gurmukhi Script was installed in Golden

Temple on September 1, 1604.

Mexican Volcanic Belt cinder cones

Mariposa Hall

ETHN 122 Sikh Americans and Golobalization class of Spring 2011                                                           Students of ETHN 122: Sikh American and Globalization, Spring 2011

Punjabi Pioneers operated this Printing Press in San Francisco in 1913.

This Printing Press was installed in the museum at Stockton Sikh Temple on the occasion of 100th anniversary of its incorporation on 27th May, 1912. To commemorate the role of Sikhs in the history of United States of America and India, two centennial conferences were organized in University of the Pacific, Stockton on September 22, 2012 & September 30, 2012.

Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab (India)

Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab (India)