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The Ethnic Studies Department has been in existence for more than 50 years at Sacramento State. It is a degree-granting interdisciplinary department offering course work in the study of the past and present histories, cultures, and issues that define ethnic group experiences in the United States. In addition to its teaching mission, the department is involved in research and community-based projects. Active commitment in the community was and continues to be a priority for the department to effect positive change.

The Ethnic Studies Department is comprised of four programs that mirror the student participants of the 1968 Third World Strike in San Francisco State University and 1969 at Berkeley: Asian American Studies; Chicanx/Latinx Studies; Native American Studies; and Pan African Studies.

We are the only Department and discipline at Sacramento State University that has faculty and classes that focus primarily on race, class, and ethnicity. Given the importance of California's diverse racial and ethnic composition, the Department of Ethnic Studies plays an important role in California's demographics, socio-economic landscape, and future. As an interdisciplinary field of critical inquiry and scholarship, the field has expanded to include contemporary issues and more critical approaches that connect global and national issues and address the experiences of racialized and indigenous groups in the U.S. in relation to power.

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