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Asian American Studies Department of Ethnic Studies

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Asian American Studies

Welcome to Asian American Studies

Welcome to the Asian American Studies program at California State University, Sacramento! We are an academic program that is meeting the needs of a dynamic and growing community. The program's dedicated faculty is nationally recognized for their teaching skills, scholarly activities, and community service.apida-grad-2019_2.jpg

Ethnic Studies developed from the student activism of African Americans, Chicanos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans under the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) in 1968-69, the longest student strike in U.S. history. The activist demands of the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) included Third World Colleges with full autonomy over hiring and retaining faculty and administrators of color and curriculum development. The Asian American Studies program continues the legacy of Ethnic Studies to achieve the original demands of TWLF. The program's curriculum is grounded in the discipline of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies that provide students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to analyze contemporary race and racism alongside pertinent issues that impact Asian American communities in relation to other racial and immigrant groups. The program also focuses on community engagement and agency toward social change while helping students apply their knowledge in the community.

Major Concentration & Minor

BA in Ethnic Studies (Asian American Studies)

Minor in Asian American Studies

Meet the Faculty

Bao Lo, Ph.D., Director of Asian American Studies

Timothy Fong, Ph.D., Professor

William Gow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Wendi Yamashita, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Giselle Cunanan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Rachel Lim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Gregory Yee Mark, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor


Please contact Dr. Bao Lo, Program Director, for Asian American Studies advising. She can be reached at 916-278-6646,

Asian American Studies Courses

ETHN 113 - Asian American Communities

ETHN 123 - Asian Americans in Media and Popular Culture

ETHN 119 - Filiino American Experience

Recent Faculty Publications & Interviews




Student and Alumni Spotlight

Kenji Taguma

Megan Sapigao

Yang Lee

Campus Resources

Asian Pacific Islander American Research and Resource Center

Full Circle Project

Project HMONG

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Faculty and Staff Association

Community Partners and Resources

Hmong Innovating Politics

Asian Resources, Inc.

OCA Sacramento - Asian Pacific American Advocates

APIs Rise Fund

Career Opportunities

2023-24 AY Lecturer Pool - Ethnic Studies