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Project HMONG

Project HMONG’s mission is to ensure the health, retention, persistence, and graduation success for Southeast Asian students, including but not limited to Hmong, Mien, Laotian, Cambodian, Thai and other underrepresented students. Committed to build a positive and supportive community of mentors and peers through mentoring and networking with support, guidance, and encouragement while promoting positive character development, Project HMONG’s focus is on student leadership, professional development and campus/community engagement through a cultural lens that incorporates the students’ experiences.

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Peer to Peer Program

The Peer to Peer Program is a great opportunity for students to cultivate their own leadership skills and abilities in the context of their culture and college experience while learning about the role of mentorship.

We are looking for students who have a desire for personal and professional growth with a focus on community development. Participation is on a voluntary and rolling basis.

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Peer-to-Peer Report

Research & Information

Project HMONG (Helping Mentor Our Next Generation) launched as a result of the groundbreaking report Ecological Factors in Hmong American Educational Success, authored by Dr. Chao Vang, which provides key insightful numeric data and powerful narratives into the experiences of the 1,000+ Hmong students at Sacramento State.

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Cloth as Community: Threading the Needle of the Past, Present, and Future

To promote an appreciation for and education of the complex history, culture and tradition of the Hmong people among members of the campus and the greater Sacramento community, in collaboration with the community two concurrent exhibits, “Cloth as Community: Threading the Needle of the Past, Present, and Future”, will show the textile works that Hmong women traditionally produced using abstract designs, created by embroidery, appliqué, reverse appliqué, and batik depicting a scene, event or narrative from Hmong history or culture. The exhibit is meant to be an impactful and informative experience for university students, staff/faculty, and community members.

  • Postponed until further notice. Thank you to all our sponsors, artists, and designers.

Community Impact Award

Advisory Committee

To partner and learn more about Project HMONG, contact SASEEP.