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Graduate Learning Goals Report

Below you will find instructions for the Annual Graduate Learning Goals Report.

Graduate Learning Goals Report Template

Annual Graduate Learning Goals Report Guide

The Graduate Learning Goals policy approved by the Faculty Senate in 2015 requires that each graduate program submit a report demonstrating that the University’s Institutional Learning Goals are being met in courses offered by individual programs. These reports are due at the end of each academic year and must be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) by May 30th. In an effort to streamline the information needed from departments, a recent revision was made to the form. The new form entails mapping graduate courses to the Institutional Learning Goals.

As a reminder, the following Institutional Graduate Learning Goals are approved for all graduate programs on campus and wording does not vary by program.

Institutional Graduate Learning Goals for Masters Programs

  1. Disciplinary knowledge: Master, integrate, and apply disciplinary knowledge and skills to current, practical, and important contexts and situations.
  2. Communication: Communicate key knowledge with clarity and purpose both within the discipline and in broader contexts.
  3. Critical thinking/analysis: Demonstrate the ability to be creative, analytical, and critical thinkers.
  4. Information literacy: Demonstrate the ability to obtain, assess, and analyze information from a myriad of sources.
  5. Professionalism: Demonstrate an understanding of professional integrity.
  6. Intercultural/Global Perspectives: Demonstrate relevant knowledge and application of intercultural and/or global perspectives.

Institutional Graduate Learning Goals for Doctoral Programs

All of the above Institutional Graduate Learning Goals for Masters Programs, with the addition of:

  1. Research: Conduct independent research resulting in an original contribution to knowledge in the focused areas of their graduate program.

These goals appear as columns in the revised Graduate Learning Goals report form.