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HornetAttain! Outreach. Advise. Enroll. Persist. Complete.

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About HornetAttain!

HornetAttain! at Sac State logo

Launched in February 2021, HornetAttain! is working to:

  • Develop processes and practices to help learners return to Sac State and complete their degree
  • Understand the population we’re serving – adult and returning learners – including barriers to success and resources needed to persist and complete
  • Curate and promote effective policies and practices to support working-age adult learner degree completion
  • Collaborate within Sac State and with community stakeholders to support all working-age adult learners, regional educational attainment initiatives and promoting regional economic vitality

“As I’ve said before, Sacramento State exists to serve our community, and to serve all students, including those who started college but had to stop along the way. HornetAttain! will help us to welcome back all individuals who want to complete their degrees, while also continuing to deepen and strengthen our impact on the Sacramento Region.”

President Robert Nelsen

Support for Adult and Returning Learners

HornetAttain! re-engages stopped-out learners and connects them with individualized services to help them return to Sac State and complete their degree. We are building and improving efforts for learners in the following areas:

  • Outreach – We have multiple outreach channels that encourage and support potential returning learners. 89% of learners we reach engage with our services.
  • Advise – Our Achievement Advisors work with one-on-one with learners to help them navigate returning to school. They work together to create an individual learning plan and access resources to support their success.
  • Enroll – The Achievement Advisor serves as the primary point of contact for returning learners. Research shows that learners are 4x more likely to re-enroll if they have a single point of contact navigating them through the process.
  • Persist – We are creating an environment where adult and returning learners feel a sense of belonging and support that will help them persist.
  • Complete – Learners who have advisors when they return to school are 30% more likely to complete their degree.


We work to understand and address the academic and structural barriers faced by adult and returning learners – making it easier for them to return and complete their degrees. In making these changes, we also hope to prevent learners from stopping out in the first place.

Collaboration Inside and Out

HornetAttain! is a collaborative initiative of high action and high alignment. The HornetAttain! team includes members of the following within Sac State:

  • College of Continuing Education
  • Division of Academic Affairs/Faculty
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning
  • Office of University Registrar

HornetAttain! is also a proud education partner with:

  • ProjectAttain! – a regional 501(c)3 boosting career growth and attainment for under-credentialed adults in California’s Capitol Region
  • CaliforniaAttain! – a statewide research practice partnership. It is focused on improving access and success for working-age adults who started college but didn’t finish. It identifies promising practices and proposes state policy makers to propel “near completers” to credential completion.