MIS 150

Data Base Systems for Business

Monday and Wednesday, 1:15-2:45 p.m., Library 127

Description: Involves the study of generalized database management systems. The study will include logical data base models and physical base models based primarily on the relational and object-relational models. The student will create and manipulate a database utilizing an established database management system. The importance of data administration and other database related topics such as independence, integrity, privacy, query, backup, and recovery will be covered. Prerequisite: MIS 120, MIS 175. 3 units.

Note. Oracle9i and Oracle Developer (version 6) for Windows XP will be used.  See instructions before installing them.  Warning!  To correct any installation problems (i.e., incorrectly installed Oracle software), you must first uninstall everything and then delete them from the Windows registry.  Thus, it's best to follow the instructions.


*** Database project has been posted (under "Assignments").  ***

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Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management, 4th edition, Thomas Connolly and Carolyn Begg.  Addison Wesley  (2005), ISBN: 0 321 21025 5. (Required)


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