MIS 211

Information Systems II


Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:50 p.m., Eureka Hall 107

(Information Systems II) provides an introduction to structured programmingconcepts, data structures for information representation, and databasemanagement systems. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and admittance to the MSBA/MIS (including pre-MSBA/MIS) or MBA/MCAP program (not including pre-MBA).

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Windows Platforms

Note: Windows 2000 requires the NT version of Oracle8i (either the Enterprise or Personal Edition), and XP Oracle9i.

Windows ME users need to install the Windows98 version. Please visit the following web sites for further installation instructions: www.orafaq.com/msgboard/windows/messages/219.htm and technet.oracle.com:89/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002452.html. Do NOT install Oracle (either Developer or Oracle8i) until you have read these bulletins!

Oracle8i Oracle9i

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