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Application Exercises

The Application Exercises (ApExs) for each unit guide students in reading three Asian primary source, in order to prepare for the Unit Test given at the end of the unit, which requires using information gathered from the Asian sources to offer advice as part of a hypothetical contemporary scenario.

NOTE: Application Exercises require reading unfamiliar sources before discussing them with team members. Most students thus need to allow more time than they are used to prepare for each exercise.

Preparation for Application Exercises

To prepare for Application Exercises, you must

(1) read the hypothetical scenario included before each set of readings in the Course Reader, as well as the Reading Guide to help orient you to the primary source readings; and

(2) bring with you to the next two classes one homework page for each of the three assigned Asian primary source (three total), which respond to the prompt included with each of scenario.

Each homework page should have

  • the homework focus statement from the relevant scenario copied at the top, followed by
  • 3 sets of passages & paraphrase from the source that help address the focus of the scenario, making sure that
  • each set of passages is marked with the specific page number(s) of the primary source from which details were drawn.

You may use or adapt the OPTIONAL "Application Exercise Homework" worksheet (PDF | MS Word) if you find it helpful.

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