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Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs)

Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs) are given at the start of each two week unit to assess student comprehension of key concepts, in order to prepare the way for team Application Exercises.

NOTE: each TRA takes place before introductory materials are discussed in class. Most students thus need to allow more time than they are used to prepare for each TRA.

TRA Format: number and types of questions

Each TRA will consist of five (5) multiple choice questions, which will assess comprehension of key ideas outlined in

  1. the "Essential Elements of Culture" essay accessed in this course content site;

  2. background reading included in section B of the Course Reader (RDR); and

  3. in Unit 3, summary points provided at the beginning of reading guides for Units 1 & 2.

The first two pages of the reading guide for each unit lists terms to study in these readings.

Note about the TRIAL TRA: since most students will not yet have the reader, the trial TRA will assess comprehension of "Course Policies" instead of the background reading (#2)

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