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Consultant to Organizations Experiencing Critical Issues Related to Labor Relations, Human Resources, and Organizational Performance. 1969 - Present.

Director of Marketing, Firm Specializing in China Trade. 1989 - 1993.

Chief Executive Officer of Start up Company Specializing in Sale and Distribution of High Quality Architectural Windows and Doors. 1987 - 1989.

Chief Executive Officer of Old Line Service Company. 1985 - 1988.

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Public Transit Agency. 1983 - 1985.

Assistant General Manager, Lumber Company. 1979 - 1981.

Regional Manager, Timber Industry Labor Relations Consulting Firm. 1971 - 1979.

Staff, San Francisco Labor Relations Consulting Firm 1969 - 1971.

Stevedore Supervisor, San Francisco Steamship Company. 1969

Private advanced to Captain, United States Army, Infantry, Special Forces (Project Delta Recon Team Leader RVN 1967) 1963 - 1969




Lucent Technologies

City of Vacaville, Department of Public Works

County of Sacramento, Department of Public Works

Placer County Department of Health and Human Services

City of Vallejo, Department of Transportation

Blue and Gold Fleet, San Francisco

Sacramento Regional Transit District

Alameda/Contra Costa County Transit District

Money Store

Sacramento Cable

Sacramento Railroad Museum

California State University Sacramento Regional and Continuing Education

Sierra Springs Water Company

Sutter Hospital

University of California, Davis Medical Center

University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

California Department of Correction. High Desert Correctional Facility

TENCO Caterpillar

City of Walnut Creek

California Department of Parks and Recreation

Department of Transportation, State of North Dakota

University of California Santa Cruz


Member of Advisory Board to office of Community Collobarative Programs 1999 -2000

Member, Academic Programs Committee AY 1997-1998 and AY 1998-1999

Coordinator of curriculum develop for Business Communications Class (OBE 130) 1997- 1998

Chair, CSU SBA Graduate Programs Committee AY 1997-1998

Co-Chair CSU SBA 50th Anniversary Committee

Staff development seminars in "Conflict Resolution and Management Skills." Fall 1997

SBA staff seminar on "Work Performance during Times of Radical Change." Spring 1998

Recruited speakers from 3M, ATT, Lucent Technologies, INTEL, Sacramento Regional

Transit District, and the United States Air Force to the CSU, Sacramento Campus.

Developed and presented seminars for several academic departments

Created Student Internships with Lucent Technologies

Developed and delivered seminar material for USIA and EURASIA Grants

Developed and taught new course for several academic departments

Provided backup instruction for courses in which instructor was ill or unable to teach

Created and presented workshop on the operation of Total Quality Management in a University environment. Summer, 1997

Spoke to the Association of International Business Students, Spring 1997, 1998

Faculty advisor to Sigma Chi Fraternity

Participated in International Programs restructuring project. Summer 1998



Distinguished Research Award. Academy of Managerial Communication. Fall 2001 Meeting

Distinguished Research Award. Academy of Strategic and Organizational Leadership. Spring 2000 Meeting

Distinguished Research Award. Academy of Educational Leadership. Fall 1999 Meeting

First Recipient of California State University, Sacramento Regional and Continuing Education Outstanding Service Award, 1996.

California State University Forgivable Loan Fellowship. Given to complete doctoral studies 1993. The fellowships were awarded on a competitive basis within the CSU system. In 1993 approximately twelve fellowships were awarded system-wide.

Receipt of awards for community service from: Volunteers in Victim's Assistance, Sacramento Mandarin Club, and Sutter Hospital.

Recognition for professional service: Industrial Relations Research Association

Various Military Decorations

Basketball Scholarship. 1962- 1963.



Academy of Strategic and Organizational Leadership

Academy of Managerial Communication

American Society for Public Administration

Association of Business Communication

Industrial Relations Research Association, Sacramento Chapter, Founding Member and Past President (Inactive)

International Personnel Management Association

Academy of Political Science



Sacramento Mandarin Club

Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation

Rotary Club of Sacramento (Inactive)

Sutter Hospital Planned Giving Board (Inactive)

Volunteer in Victims Assistance

Special Forces Association

Special Operations Association


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