Geology 140 - Environmental Geology
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Due Date
First two weeks in-class assignments: Risk Activity, Fear of Terrorism
Sept 6

List of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th choices of paper and presentation topic. See schedule.

Introduce yourself in one paragraph, with name, phone # and email address.

Risk Response Paper

Sept 13

Climate change Topic Guide, in-class population assignment, Database assignment

Sept 20

Plates and Volcanoes TG

Sept 22
Outline & Bibliography (required checklist)
Sept 27

Earthquake TG

Long Valley RP

Oct 4
Oct 18
Flood TG
Oct 20
First Draft of paper (required checklist)
Oct 25

Natomas and Flood insurance RP

Landslide TG and La Conchita RP

Nov 1
Water use
Nov 8
Beaches TG
Nov 10
Graded draft of paper (required checklist - download)