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Art 111 :: Latin American and Latino/a Art

Art 111 syllabus (Word)



Reading files to download:

Dawn Ades, Art In Latin America
**Note: You are responsible for the information in the chapters listed below.

Chapter 1: Independence and Its Heroes
Chapter 2: Academies and History Painting
Chapter 6: Modernism and the Search for Roots (to page 136)
Chapter 7: Mexican Mural Movement
Chapter 10: Private Worlds and Public Myths

David Siqueiros, "Three Appeals for a Modern Direction to the New Generation of American Painters and Sculptors"

Barbara E. Mundy and Dana Leibsohn, History from Things: Indigenous Objects and Colonial Latin America

Gerardo Mosquera, "Africa in the Art of Latin America"

Mary Miller & Simon Martin, "Palenque: An Exemplary Maya Court"

André Breton, "Frida Kahlo de Rivera"

Jack Forbes, "The Use of Racial and Ethnic Terms in America"

Frances Berdan, The Essential Codex Mendoza: "Introduction," and "The Founding of Tenochtitlan"

Jeanette Peterson, "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Symbol of Conquest or Liberation?"

Carolyn Dean, The Inka Married the Earth: Integrated Outcrops and the Making of Place

Rebecca Block, "Fashioning National Identity: Frida Kahlo in Gringolandia"

Tere Roma, "Points of Convergence" (Chicano posters in CA)

Natalia Majluf, "Ce n'est pas le Perou"

José Vasconcelos, The Cosmic Race

Stacie G. Widdifield, "Dispossession, Assimilation, and the Image of the Indian in Late-Nineteenth-Century Mexican Painting"

Guy Brett, "Lygia Clark: In Search of the Body"(PDF)

Roberta Smith: Rafael Ferrer at Museo del Barrio, NYC, June 2010, review

Eyeing the Other: The Indigenous Response  (PDF) placehold

Word and Image in the Maya Court (PDF)

Moche Portraits: Masterpieces from Ancient Peru (PDF)

Urs Bitterli, Cultural Collision: The Spaniards on Hispaniola

Jose Marti, Our America, 1891 (RTF)

Ella Shohat and Robert Stam, Unthinking Eurocentrism (RTF)

Bartholome de las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies (1542)

Christopher Columbus, Journal (1492)

Hernan Cortés, Excerpt from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

Clifford Krauss, A Historic Figure Is Still Hated by Many in Mexico

Miguel Leon­Portilla, ed., Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico

Henry Stevens, The New Laws of the Indies, 1542

Royal Instructions for the Viceroy Mendoza

Hubert Howe Bancroft, Burial of an Archbishop-Viceroy in Mexico City, 1612

The History of Mexican Independence

Santa Anna and the war over Tejas

Information about the Spanish-American War 1898

The Mexican Revolution of 1910

Oswald de Andrade, Cannibalist Manifesto 1928

Oswald de Andrade, Cannibalist Manifesto, translator's introduction

Shifra Goldman, Ana Mendieta Return to Natal Earth

Alicia Gaspar de Alba, There's No Place Like Aztlán: Embodied Aesthetics in Chicana Art

Robert Storr, Gego's Galaxies: Setting Free the Line

David Craven & Susanne Baackmann, "Surrealism and Post-Colonial Latin America"

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