Esen Onur

I am an assistant professor at the California State University, Sacramento.  I have earned both my masters and doctorate degrees in Economics at the University of Virginia.

Research Interests

International Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Markets, Microstructure, Macroeconomics

Teaching Interests

Financial Economics, Financial Markets, Macroeconomics, International Finance, Econometrics

Contact Information:

Office: Tahoe Hall 3021 / Office Phone: 278-7062 / Email:



In the fall of 2010, I am teaching two section of ECON 1A: Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis and one section of ECON 140: Quantitative Economic Analysis.

Office Hours: T, TH 2:30 - 4:00pm or email to make an appointment.


"The Role of Asymmetric Information Among Investors in the Foreign Exchange Market", International Journal of Finance and Economics , Vol. 13, Issue 4, P. 368-385

"A Dynamic Model of the Foreign Exchange Market", under review

"Determination of Odds in Prediction Markets: Coexistence of Posted-offer and Double-auction Designs" joint with Levent Celik (Grant for this research awarded by the Global Development Network.)

"Measuring the Amount of Asymmetric Information in the Foreign Exchange Market" joint with Ufuk Devrim Demirel

California State University, Sacramento | 6000 J Street | Sacramento, CA 95819 | (916) 278-6011