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Welcome to Dr. Shafizadeh's Graduate Group in Transportation Engineering

Applied Research in the Community

The transportation engineering program at Sacramento State encourages students to apply research skills in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Our undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to work directly with both professors and practicing engineers on research that explores advances in transportation science. The application of their knowledge to real-world problems is an integral part of their Sacramento State experience.

Information for Students

Sacramento State graduate students work with leaders in the engineering community to focus on local, regional, and statewide transportation issues and projects. Graduate students can participate in original applied research as part of CE299 (Special Problems) and are required to complete CE500 (Culminating Experience). Undergraduate students can participate in research by earning up to three units of technical elective credit towards graduation through CE199 (Special Problems).

If you are an enrolled Sacramento State student who is interested in participating in a transportation research project, you are encouraged to contact Professor Shafizadeh. If you are interested in the graduate program in transportation engineering, you first are encouraged to review the program requirements and visit the Office of Graduate Studies to apply for admission.

Information for Partner Agencies and Firms

If your agency or firm has an applied research project that may be appropriate for an undergraduate or graduate student research project, you are invited to contact Professor Shafizadeh.