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Business Dress & Packing Seminar

Business Dress and Packing SeminarProfessional development seminars are offered to provide the skills valuable to career success that often may not be explicitly addressed in the classroom. The presentation from expert speakers for the "Unstressed for Success" seminar takes the stress out of professional and casual business dress. The Packing Seminar shows participants how to pack a week’s worth of clothes in one suitcase...without wrinkles!

Business Etiquette Dining Seminar

Business Etiquette Dining SeminarWhat do you do with your napkin if you have to leave the table to go to the restroom? Do you put the napkin on the table? On the chair? What is the difference between American and Continental dining? Do you pass the bread clockwise or counter clockwise? Does any of this matter? The Dining Etiquette Seminar is offered to provide the comfort and confidence to know what is proper dining etiquette, skills that seem to become especially useful when you are interviewing for a job or taking an important client out to lunch.

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Business Golf Seminar

Business Golf SeminarThe Business Golf Seminar recognizes that business occurs on the golf course. The Seminar introduces students to the integration of the professionalism of business with the enjoyment of golf.

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