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Smith College
My alma mater located in Northampton, MA - includes descriptions of some Smith traditions and the Alumnae Association.

Bonita Vista High School
My high school located in Chula Vista, CA.

Van's Pages

Check out my dad's cool webpage - neat links for science buffs.

San Diego State University
Where everyone else in my family went to (or goes to) school.

Happy Tails
I do adoption counseling and center maintenance at this no-kill pet santuary for cats. Adopt a pet today and spay/neuter your pets.



National Public Radio (NPR)
How are we managing without Bob Edwards in the morning? Includes links to shows like Car Talk, All Things Considered, and Morning Edition.

Public Radio International
Includes information on The World (BBC) and my favorite radio show, This American Life - the most popular podcast on iTunes.

The Onion
America's finest news source. The only newspaper with respectable horoscopes. The Onion does amusing podcasts on iTunes.

Sacramento Bee
The country's best "cow town" paper.

New York Times
Speaks for itself...check out Paul Krugman's Op-Ed .

The Economist
No explanation needed. Available in podcast form, too!

More Economics-related sources


I'm a recent convert to football, or as well Americans insist on calling it, soccer. Thank goodness for My favorite side? Anyone vs. Chelsea.

Euro Cup

FIFA World Cup 2010
Yes, the site is already up.

Nebraska Huskerpedia
Still rebuilding...they are my team by marriage.

San Diego Chargers
I'm a second-generation native of America's Finest City - AKA the Enron of the West.

Sacramento Kings
Get out the cowbells

Other Links

If you're a student looking for information about advising, careers, and information on degrees in Economics, please look over my resources page - for undergraduates and graduate students.

Living in Urban Sacramento
This blog has great information about development in the City of Sacramento. It also has great links to local sites with information on local development, politics, food, etc.

Recent Development in Sacramento
I great map with short descriptions of recent development in downtown Sacramento.

More to come...




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