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Special Purpose Accounts & Access

Account & Access Options

Sacramento State faculty, staff, and students automatically receive a university account. However, other types of accounts and access may also be needed to support other roles and functions. Special purpose accounts and access can be requested for many purposes including for use by campus visitors, events, vendors, technology support staff, and IT systems.

Learn more about the access you receive with your campus account and the available account types.

Type Criteria/Access Needed Action
Individual Visitors to campus who need casual, short-term internet access No request needed: Find SacLink Guest Network Access and enter an email when prompted.
Event WiFi An event on campus where a group of participants needs all-day access to campus wireless. (See Guest/Special Purpose Accounts for events that require computer lab access.) Request Account*Must be requested by current campus employee as event sponsor.
Volunteer Account A volunteer worker who needs wireless, email, and/or other campus technology services Contact Human Resources about volunteer onboarding
SLS Account Accounts used to separate sensitive access to systems, tools, or data from personal accounts which are more vulnerable to compromise. SLS accounts are often used to those who have high-level or back-end access to technology systems. Request Staff Account
Request Student Assistant Account
Service Account An account to run a system processes/jobs or authenticate connections between systems Request Account

Guest & Special Purpose Accounts

Guest/Special Purpose Accounts offer long-term (up to 1-year) access to campus services such as a campus username/password, email, wireless, labs, etc. Also includes short-term computer labs access for events.

Type Criteria/Access Needed Action
Guest A long-term campus visitor who needs internet access or campus email Request Account
*Must be requested by current campus employee as account/guest sponsor.
Renew Account *Annual renewal required to maintain accounts long-term.
*Accounts must be requested by an existing campus employee. Most accounts can be requested for up to 1-year at a time and require annual renewal to maintain.
Generic A general account for testing or other miscellaneous purposes
Positional A student employee who needs access to campus systems as part of their job duties (not for personal use)
Vendor A vendor needs a campus account to troubleshoot a system
Contractor An outside individual working on university business
Auxiliary Staff UEI, ASI, UU, CPR, OWP employee accounts
Event Lab Accounts A short-term account for individuals attending events that require computer lab (or wireless network) access. These accounts can be requested in batch.