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Application & Systems Integration

Integration services help you share data and information from multiple sources, systems, or applications to another. This helps you leverage existing data, maintain data quality, and stay compliant with security standards.

Determining the best method or service to use for establishing a data feed depends on a number of factors, in terms of process, available resources, and technical requirements.

Tell Us About Your Integration Needs

Data Feeds


Managed file transfers through GoAnywhere simplify the process of securely exchanging data between systems and application. It allows you to automate or schedule recurring data exchanges between any two sources.


Informatica allows you to extract and modify data so that it can be integrated with your target system or application. It is used for to extract, transform, and load data into destinations such as our university data warehouse.

Single Sign On

Central Authentication Service (CAS)

CAS is an open-source single sign-on protocol that was originally developed for higher education environments. It functions as an authentication and authorization engine, that works best when signing in "once" to access many services or applications.


Shibboleth is also an open-source sign-on service that is hosted on a central server. It functions as a "service provider" and "identity provider." It uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to control what type of information is released to each service or application.