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Email & Calendars


Manage an email account

Email aliases

An email alias is a secondary email address that connects to your SacLink account. Aliases have the following features:

  • Emails sent to an email alias will be forwarded to your primary account. For example, emails sent to will be forwarded to
Our recommendation:

Alias are at their best when used as a way "forwarding email address" or to replace a long or difficult to remember email address.

Request an Email Alias

Mail accounts

Also known as a department/generic account, is its own independent account that can be used to send and receive emails. These accounts have the following:

  • Independent password, contact list, and settings
  • Requires a faculty or staff sponsor.
  • Will need to be renewed annually.
Our recommendation:

Mail accounts are at their best when a mailbox needs to be shared by multiple individuals through Outlook.

Request a Mail Account

Mailing lists and mass email

Mailing lists and mass email services let you contact several individuals at once. These "groups" can be composed of different types of campus community members (e.g., all faculty), departments, majors, programs, or common insterests. To meet all of your needs, we're currently offering:

  • Listserv
  • SacSend 1.0
  • SacSend 2.0 (Powered by Emma)

In choosing a service, think about if you need any of these things:

  • Manage your own list configuration, subscriptions, and functionality
  • To review and approve messages before they are actually sent
  • Access predefined list such as all staff, students, or faculty
  • Send official / branded university communications
  • Two-way or one-way communications
  • Send to non-university emails (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Obtain reports about rate of open messages, etc.

Not sure if any of these services will meet your need?

Compare Services

Explore Communication Tools

Email for groups

Also known as contact groups, a distribution list allows you to email custom or department-level groups. Distribution lists have the following features:

  • Independent of your primary account and can be managed by multiple individuals.
  • Automated member management in most cases (e.g., all IRT staff, etc.).
  • Can be centrally managed or by yourself.
  • Can be hidden or visible in Outlook's Global Address List.
Our recommendation:

Distribution lists are ideal for small to the medium sized groups that need lots of upkeep due to frequent membership changes.

Request a Distribution List

Calendar access and creation

Create a calendar or room

Faculty and staff members can request room resources (also known as room calendars). Unlike shared calendars, a room resource is assigned to a specific location like a conference or training room.

Delegate account access

Faculty and staff may delegate access to organizational calendars or accounts. These resources help facilitate scheduling rooms for meetings or events can be made available to multiple organizers across your area.

Request Calendar Access


Email Whitelisting

Faculty and staff members can request to whitelist specific email addresses, sent from third-party applications or services that are being incorrectly filtered as spam or junk. This will allow these messages to be received without issue, preventing the community from missing legitimate emails.

Spam Mitigation

If you're receiving an abnormal amount of spam and junk email, we can help you identify, investigate, and implement strategies to manage your inbox.

Request Email Assistance