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Phone Services

Phone Installation & Maintenance

If you're a new employee, moving to a new office, or in a new department, we can help get you set up with a new phone and extension.

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Voicemail Management

We can configure your voicemail to meet your needs, for those times that you're not at your desk. This includes sending voicemails to your email, redirecting calls that go to voicemail, or enabling someone else to check them.

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Voicemail Features

Voicemail FAQs

Call Routing Management

If you require responsive communications with your department or team, we can help configure call routing systems including redirecting calls from one extension to another, configuring call trees, and setting up predefined blind transfers.

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Billing Inquiries & Access

When it's that time of year and you need questions about billing answered, let us know. We can help you answer your phone related billing inquiries and produce the reports that you need.

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