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IT Advisory Board

As the primary governing body for campus technology, the IT Advisory Board provides special consultation to the Information Resources & Technology (IRT) Vice President and Chief Information Officer to help prioritize divisional IT projects based on alignment with campus strategic goals and other needs.

Responsibilities & Service Term

To help ensure broad participation, Information Resources & Technology (IRT) asks campus Vice Presidents to appoint a representative from his or her division to serve a 2-year term. Terms may be renewed if desired. IRT also includes representatives from the Faculty Senate, University Staff Assembly, ASI, and other select areas.

Each IT Advisory Board Member:

  • Brings a division and campus-wide perspective to discussions
  • Shares information about campus technology needs and perceptions
  • Provides feedback on IRT strategies and plans

Meeting Schedule

The IT Advisory Board meets on a monthly basis during the Academic Year.

IT Advisory Board Members

Member Role
Mark Hendricks, Chair IRT
Nikki Khamsouksay President's Office
Gina Curry  ABA
Sarah Reed AITC
Amy Kautzman  Ex Officio
Peggy Kay  IRT
Hema Manickavinayaham IRT
Nathan Zierfuss-Hubbard IRT
Mark Konrad  IRT and USA 
David Zeigler Academic Affairs
Lisa Hammersley  Academic Affairs
Hannah Kook Advancement
Steven Salcido  Student Affairs
Pamela Wimbush  CCE
Binod Pokhrel  Desktop ITC Ex Officio
Jesseca Sanchez Board Secretary 
Leha Hawkins Inclusive Excellence
Jonathan Morales University Communications
Dip Patel ASI Student

IT Project Governance Process

Both formally and informally throughout the year, the IT Advisory Board, IRT Project Management Office, and division/area representatives work collaboratively to identify and prioritize executive, strategic, and operational campus technology projects based on a number of factors including:

  • Alignment with campus goals and objectives
  • Resource allocation
  • Budget considerations

IRT Annual Technology Project Call

Additionally, the IT Advisory Board is responsible for scoring project proposals during the IRT Annual Technology Project Call, which solicits technology project requests from all major campus divisions. Based on the scoring results, and the capacity of IRT and campus division staff resources, the IT Advisory Board prepares a prioritized project list that is reviewed and approved by the Cabinet.

IT Advisory Board Microsoft Teams Site

Note: Login is required to access the IT Advisory Board Teams site content.