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SacSend 2.0: Powered by Emma

Sacramento State's official broadcast email tool! This cloud-hosted messaging platform powered by Emma provides official, branded email templates for designated campus units to share timely, campus-wide news, events or special announcements with Faculty, Staff and Students.

Helpful features include real-time or pre-scheduled messages, account calendars for strategic message planning, list imports (using only addresses), insights and metrics to show you how your campaign engaged your audiences, and the ability to personalize branded templates with images, video links, and call-to-action buttons.

Get Started

SacSend 2.0 powered by Emma offers 24/7 access whether on or off-campus, and in the rare event that campus services are offline, messages can always go out!

Do you need access to your division or department's SacSend 2.0 account to process broadcast messaging?

Request SacSend 2.0 Provisioning

Provisioned users are able to login through My Sac State (toggle down the menu under "Faculty/Staff Related Links")

Style Guide + Graphic Resources

These branded, flexible, and mobile-friendly templates make message creation easy. While template headers and footers are set, make your messaging come to life with photos, videos, social media icons, call-to-action buttons and more!

Templates are also accessible, and scale across multiple devices.

  • Editorial Style Guide
    Templates are pre-formatted with branding fonts and colors, but you can reference the Editorial Style Guide for specifics on headline and subhead sizing, and other template formatting questions.
  • Sacramento State Flickr Gallery
    Download/use authorized campus images, or upload your own with drag-and-drop ease.

Understanding Email Metrics

Email campaigns don't end the minute they're sent - the open rates, click throughs, engagement heat maps and more quantify the success of your campaigns. If you need to showcase the performance of a campaign, Emma offers great resources to show you how:

Understanding Email Metrics


Does SacSend 2.0 powered by Emma ever have outages? If so, how will we know?

As a provisioned user, you should be receiving alerts and maintenance event notices to your email account - if not, you can click the "Subscribe to Updates" button at and also proactively check upcoming outages (or unplanned ones) at the same link, too.

How long is the link to the webview of my mailings active?

The webview link of your sent campaign (the URL generated when you click "View Online" at the bottom of your message) is available for 18 months after a mailing has been sent, and then the link will expire. If you'd like to save a copy of your campaign for longer than 18 months, we suggest saving it as a PDF.

How long is the response data saved in my Emma account?

Your campaign's response data is available for 18 months after the mailing has been sent. After 18 months, the data is deleted from your account and it's no longer available.

How long is "Insight data" available for?

Insight data metrics are available for 24 months. If you need this information for longer, we suggest you save/export it as a PDF for your archives.

It seems like I'm missing some SacSend communications - or others have mentioned "I never received that." What may be happening?

Depending on your email client(s), there are some ways that SacSend messages can be misplaced or "lost."

  1. First, check junk e-mail, deleted items, and clutter folders to ensure that all [SACSEND] emails are marked or managed appropriately to be routed to your main inbox folder.

  2. Particularly in mobile view, some mail clients have an "unsubscribe" option featured in the email preview window of messages that originate from a mailing list (like SacSend messages).

    • How to fix it? If you or a recipient accidentally tapped "unsubscribe," not to worry! Simply send a request to the IRT Service Desk team to re-subscribe to SacSend messages.

Get Support

Emma offers comprehensive online resources that can answer most of your questions:

Have a technical question, need to discuss creating a list segment, or need to import a list?