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Data Reporting Governance

Data has taken center stage as a strategic University business asset, and WASC accreditation places high value on planning using analyzed data, and on maintaining key performance indicators for strategic goals. Sacramento State is committed to supporting a data governance structure that delivers data that is high quality, appropriately secured, and well-positioned to support campus‐wide data‐informed decision‐making. This includes the establishment of governance mechanisms and the dedication of resources for ongoing maintenance.

Data Reporting Governance Working Group

President Nelsen and Cabinet approved the creation of the Data Reporting Governance Working Group in 2021. This joint program is led by IRT and OIREP, with participation from the following divisional/departmental key stakeholders:

The charter for this group’s work will be to manage the availability, usability, integrity and security of campus data used for reporting and dashboards, and to provide leadership in support of the following operational benefits to our campus community:

  • Customer Support
    The campus will improve its ability to support the University community in delivering services to support student success, and improve campus community satisfaction.
  • Improved Governance
    The University community will better understand what and when to expect service; IRT will be able to focus reporting and analytical expertise and resources to improve service delivery.
  • Operational Efficiency
    The campus will have transparent standards and procedures with metrics providing the visibility to drive process improvements.

Working Group Operations

  • The group will meet monthly.
  • A quorum is met if three quarters of the members are present.
  • Formal recommendations to Cabinet and/or updates to the program documentation need to be ratified by a quorum.
  • Minutes will be taken for each meeting and will be approved at the next meeting.