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IT Collaboration & Standards Group

The Sacramento State IT Collaboration & Standards Group is comprised of appointed technology professionals from across campus. The charter of this group is to improve collaboration and focus campus support efforts to continuously review and update campus desktop, system, and classroom technology standards. This group also acts as a communication hub, reviewing updates on IT related projects and other developments with a specific technical focus on issues impacting device management.


The purpose of the IT Collaboration and Standards Group is to:

  • Assist with campus academic technology efforts utilized by faculty and students
  • Documenting technology used in teaching spaces campus-wide and collaborating to provide consistent and appropriate technology to support new teaching and learning modalities in these spaces
  • Improve campus IT resource management communication & reporting (service management)
  • Review & implement computer management standards & systems
  • Review and implement IT software and IT security standards & procedures for desktop and classroom technology hardware and peripherals that are compatible with campus need
  • Collaborate to develop an efficient, cost effective, and appropriate computer equipment and peripheral refresh plan.
  • Monitor trends and practices on issues within the group’s scope and communicate them to campus

Membership & Terms of Service

The committee includes appointed representation from the leadership of each College and Division and relevant Departments. Attendance by the representative or alternate designee is required.

Role of the Members

  • Attend meetings
  • Review and provide feedback
  • Represent and communicate outcomes to respective members’ Division, College and/or Department leadership.

Term of Service

The group meets at least once per semester, including the summer session and will schedule additional meetings as needed to address time sensitive initiatives. The chair will facilitate and schedule the meeting.

Division Team Member
AA Tasha Souza and David Zeigler
Arts & Letters Tuffer Mayeda
ASI Gerald Tubo
Athletics Tony Chen
CBA Jeff Bingel, Jim Hayes
CCE  Pam Winbush, Lani Frazier
COE Binod Pokhrel
CTL Marco Martinez-Vasquez
ECS Lynne Koropp, Derek Cuffe
Facilities Baron Marsh, Matthew Sparks
HHS Andrew Stiffler
Housing  Thai Mai
IRT Peggy Kay, Steve Jones, Tyler Pinkney, Jason Longoria, Weston Tanton and Robert VanWinkle
ISO Brad Grebitus
Library Erick Beck
NSM Matt Young
SHCS Donald To
Student Affairs  Suzy Valdez
Union/Well Andrew Singletary