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Web Content Advisory Group (WCAG)

The Web Content Advisory Group (WCAG) brings together a campus-wide collaborative team to address the design and consistent application of the Sac State brand experience across campus digital content and systems, including:

These assets and systems are critical to the core academic mission of the campus, as well as to efforts that strengthen recruitment, advancement and research, and reflect the impact of the University in the region. Digital governance seeks to provide an efficient management framework to help guide effective messaging, support accurate, consistent and high-quality content, and promote easy access to resources and services for every member and guest of the Sac State community.


  • Evaluates, reviews and recommends updates to campus web policy
  • Reviews and supports the resolution of web related compliance issues including (but not limited to) Federal or State law, Chancellors Office initiatives, or any digital content issue involving accessibility, security, or accreditation mandates
  • Develops and articulates strategies for aligning Sac State content management practices with campus strategic goals and aspirations
  • Evaluates and integrates web publisher feedback
  • Reviews and oversees implementation of standards and practices from all sources including web publishers, administration and the campus at large
  • Recommends criteria to help inform decisions regarding how campus audiences and end-users will interact with campus digital information
  • Reviews and evaluates criteria for domain namespace requests
  • Provides an annual report of progress and outcomes

WCAG Membership

Member Division
Jennifer Sonne, Chair IRT
Vacant ABA
David Zeigler
Binod Pokhrel
Academic Affairs
Antoinette Voitech
Tracie Popma
Jennifer Barber Alumni Relations
William Chen
Hashem Jaber
Vacant Athletics
Pam Winbush
Tammy Champion
College of Continuing Education
Leha Hawkins Diversity & Inclusion
Sadaf Ashtari Faculty Senate
Peggy Kay IRT
Erik Beck Library
Vacant Public Affairs & Advocacy
Susy Valdez Student Affairs
Angela Rader UEI
Becky Repka University Communications