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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry-standard of presentation tools. From basic to dynamic, this slideshow presentation program makes it easy to create, collaborate, and present content visually in a variety of templates - but there's no need to start from scratch: you can download the official Sac State-branded PowerPoint templates.


  • Drag-and-drop ease
    Easy to use templates allow you to copy/paste and drag/drop content into slides.
  • Import audio/video
    Include video or audio clips into your presentation.
  • Royalty-free online image search powered by Bing
    Images sell ideas - use your own, from Sac State's Flickr account, or search through a host of available online images through PowerPoint for free.
  • Online editing/collaboration through Microsoft 365
    Last-minute change before that big presentation? Login and update it in real-time!
  • Export to PDF
    Share your slidedeck quickly and easily by exporting as a PDF.

When should I use PowerPoint?

  • You're communicating with larger groups - on or off-campus
    Professional presentations make a lasting impression.
  • Provides a lasting resource
    They missed your live presentation? Send them access to your slide deck anytime, anywhere.
  • Tells your story visually
    Word too wordy? Excel not dynamic enough? PowerPoint allows you to pull everything together.