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Data Center Services

Our university data center provides a central location for campus' technology equipment and core IT operations. It's also where we store, manage, and distribute university data in the form of physical and virtual, servers and other storage solutions.

If you're looking to host an application or service, let us know how we can help.

Backup and Restoration

Our system administrators provide data backup and restoration services in the event that it's lost. This service covers file shares, servers, OneDrive, SharePoint, and email.

  • File shares, OneDrive, SharePoint, email: All campus community members can request or access backup & restoration services for data stored in these locations.
  • Servers: This mainly requested by university IT staff. Most servers are configured for backups when they are created. However, if you need change your backup schedule or process, consult with us.

VM and Server Administration

System administrators ensure that all computer systems and related services are functioning as intended, whether they are accessed through a physical/virtual server or cloud service.

  • This "back-stage" service is part of the day-to-day technology support/maintenance that IRT provides for the entire campus community and is not usually requested.
  • Though this service supports the entire campus community, only university IT staff interact with this service.
  • If you have a technical question/request regarding system configuration or modification, let us know.