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Why Should You Study Abroad?

Academic and Professional Benefits

A principal goal of higher education is to prepare students for successful careers following graduation from university. To this end, there are few more beneficial experiences than spending a semester or a year abroad. Not only do study abroad students graduate at a higher rate and on a shorter timeline than their peers, but they are also more in-demand amongst employers in the job market, and are able to command higher starting salaries and find jobs more quickly than those who spend their college years entirely on-campus.

Despite this, very few students take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Currently, less than 1% of all American college students choose to do; at Sac State that number averages just 0.25% in a given year. This puts study abroad participants in a very select group, and immediately enables them to stand out to potential employers. Given that 40% of American businesses surveyed “missed international business opportunities because of a lack of internationally competent personnel,” US companies are placing increasing value on the kinds of intercultural skills and competencies that study abroad provides.

Fast Facts

97% of study abroad students found employment within six months of graduation, compared to 49% of their graduating class

25% higher average starting salaries for study abroad students

3rd most desired experience/characteric amongst employers (2nd is bilingualism)

10% higher four-year graduation rate and 11% higher six-year graduation rate in comparison to their peers

84% of students who felt that studying abroad equipped them with valuable skills for use in the job market