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Parking & Transportation

California State University, Sacramento

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Paying Citations & Fees

The citation fee includes the base fee and those additional surcharges required by California Government Code 76000.

As required, by California Education Code 89701.5, parking citation fees shall be used exclusively for the development, enhancement and operation of alternate methods of transportation programs for students and employees, for the mitigation of the impact of off-campus student and employee parking in university communities and for the administration of the parking fines and forfeitures programs.

Failure To Pay

Failure to pay or appeal the citation by the 14th calendar day after the date of the reminder notice may result in the following actions:

  • Forfeit of all rights to an appeal of the citation
  • A late fee may be added to the cost (penalty) of the citation
  • A hold may be placed on the registered owner's vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles preventing registration renewal until all outstanding citation and late fees are paid in full
  • A hold may be placed on the Sacramento State student's academic records and class registration
  • The recipient of a citation may be responsible for any collection costs related to collecting the debt
  • Multiple unpaid citations may result in the immobilization or towing and impounding of the vehicle at owners expense

Alternatives & Contested Citations

  • There is a formal process for citation appeals.
  • Parking citation payment plans are available pursuant to Policy 4071.  

To qualify for a payment plan you must have $200 in citations or at least 2 unpaid citations.  There is a $25.00 fee to enroll in the payment plan.  The 1st payment is 10% of your total.  In order to enroll, you also must have a valid semester parking permit. If a semester parking permit is not purchased, your plan will default.  The plan cannot be modified to include additional citations, nor will any additional or concurrent payment plans be offered.  Late fees will not be removed, but any late fees not yet applied will be placed in abeyance while the payment plan is in place.  If an individual defaults on a payment plan, subsequent payment plans will not be offered for those citations and any late fees placed in abeyance will be immediately reinstated.  There is no grace period for late payments. Payments must be paid at the UTAPS office or via mail. If you would like to participate in the payment plan you will need to come to our office to apply. We are located at 7667 Folsom Blvd in Folsom Hall.

Parking Violations and Fees

Violation and Description Citation Fee
3A.1 No valid permit in view $43.00
3A.4 Permit displayed w/out payment of fees $58.00
3A.6 Permit Improperly Displayed $43.00
3B.2 Fraudulent/Unauthorized use of permit $133.00
4A.1 Parked over boundary line $43.00
4A.2 Parked in two (2) spaces $43.00
4A.3 Parking in driving lane $43.00
4B.0 Not parked in designated area $43.00
4B.2 Not parked in designated parking space $43.00
4D.1 Unauthorized use of disabled parking $333.00
4D.4 Parked at red curb $43.00
4D.7 No parking/stopping anytime $43.00
4D.8 Loading Zone $43.00
4D.10 Overtime parking, time zone $43.00
4D.11 Overtime parking, expired permit $43.00
4D.12 Parking in Fire Lane $43.00

Pay In-Person

Citations can be paid in person at the UTAPS office located on the first floor of Folsom Hall, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Accepted forms of payment are:

  • cash
  • check (with name and address imprinted)
  • money orders
  • Credit Card: Discover, Mastercard, VISA
  • OneCard
  • Large quantities of coin must be in coin wrappers with campus ID number and/or driver's license number written on the outside of the wrapper(s), i.e. more than 50 cents in pennies, $2 in nickels, $5 in dimes, $10 in quarters, $10 in half dollars, $25 in small dollar coins.

Citation payments are posted on the date received. Any academic holds will be released overnight. It is the citation recipient’s responsibility to ensure that payment is received by the due date.

Pay Fees By Mail

Make check or money order payable to Sacramento State and mail payment to:

Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6076

To Ensure Proper Credit

  • Include the citation number and the vehicle license plate number on the front of the payment.
  • Ensure that the return address is legible, in case we need to contact the citation holder concerning any questions regarding the payment.
  • Allow time for delivery of all mailed payments.
  • Do not send cash.

Paying Fees Online

  1. Use your Sac State Email Address to log in to Online Parking Services.
  2. Select the "Pay Citation" option.