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Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Next Meeting: 1:30pm, Monday, April 15, 2024, in the UTAPS conference room (Welcome Center, 2nd floor)

TAC Mission

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) was established by the University on April 11, 1991. The University Transportation Advisory Committee is to be administrative, with actions in the form of recommendations to the President or his designee.

The committee will assume tasks previously undertaken by the Public Safety Committee regarding campus transportation issues. Their work will involve parking, campus and vicinity traffic management, the campus shuttle service, alternative transportation activities including bicycles, car and van pooling, and coordination with transit agencies.

The University Transportation Advisory Committee shall be the principal campus body responsible for recommending to the President or his designee policy on all aspects of campus transportation, including:

  • Review and critique existing transportation programs;
  • Explore and recommend new programs and modification or elimination of existing ones;
  • Recommend priorities for use of parking fines and forfeitures revenue;

Aid in the development of policy proposals, fee schedules and other matters related to the conduct of a comprehensive transportation management program.

TAC Charge

Meeting Times

The TAC will strive to meet twice per semester; usually February and April in the spring and September and November in the fall. Meetings are held at a date and time when the greatest amount of TAC members are available to meet in the UTAPS conference room, unless otherwise noted.

For meeting agenda and minutes, contact Freddy Orozco at (916) 278-5242.

TAC Membership

Appointments to the committee are made by the Vice President for Administration. Membership for faculty, staff and community members shall be for a period of three (3) years, staggered to insure continuity. Students shall be appointed annually. The Vice President for Administration shall have the option of reappointing members to additional terms. Recommendations for membership from campus constituencies should consider the backgrounds of the persons selected, with a focus on transportation and environmental disciplines and on balancing members between those who routinely use public transportation or other alternative modes and those who drive to campus. Sacramento State students interested in serving on the TAC should contact the Vice President of University Affairs at Faculty, staff and community members interested in serving on the TAC should contact the Office of the Vice President/CFO at The committee will select a Chair. The campus Facility Planning Director, Parking Administrator and Police Chief will serve as Ex Officio members. The composition of the committee will be as follows:

  • Two (2) Faculty Members recommended by the Faculty Senate, 3-year term.
  • Two (2) Staff Members (campus-wide solicitation) announced in the Staff Bulletin, 3-year term.
  • Two (2) Students recommended by the Associated Students, Inc. President, 1-year term (academic year).
  • One (1) Community Member, 3-year term.
  • One (1) Police Chief – Ex Officio or designee, indefinite term.
  • One (1) Facilities Planning Director – Ex Officio or designee, indefinite term.
  • One (1) Parking Administrator – Ex Officio or designee, indefinite term.
  • One (1) Transportation Engineering Specialist – Ex Officio, indefinite term.
  • One (1) ADA Community Member, 3-year term.

TAC Members


Transportation Engineer Specialist, Ex Officio
Khan, Ghazan
Civil Engineering Dept. Associate Professor
(916) 278-3886
Indefinite term, Appointed to 2nd three-year term as TAC Chair in Oct. 2018


Faculty Representative
Abadi, Masoud Ghodrat
Assistant Professor
(916) 278-6982
1st three (3) year term: 9/2022 - 9/2025

Parking Administrator, Ex Officio
Dierking, Jeff (or designee)
UTAPS Director
(916) 278-2604
Indefinite term

Student Representative
Escalante, Jennie
1 year term: (2023/24 Academic Year)

Faculty Representative
Hajra, Sayonita Ghosh
Math/Statistics Department
(916) 278-6534
1st term: 3/2024 - 5/2024

Campus Police Chief
Madison Jr., Chet
Police Director, Ex Officio
(916) 278-6000
Indefinite term

Staff Representative
Ramirez, Kim
CCE, Program Manager
(916) 278-4846
2nd three (3) year term: 10/2021 - 5/2024

Facilities Planning Director, Ex Officio
Watkins, Grant (or designee)
Project Analyst
(916) 278-4312
Indefinite term

Student Representative
Torres, Belen
1 year term: (2023/24 Academic Year)

ADA Community Representative
Vance, Mary Lee
Director, Services for Students With Disabilities
(916) 278-6955
1st three (3) year Term: 9/2022 - 1/2025

Community Representative
Westbrook, Mark
1st three (3) year term: 9/2022 - 1/2025

Staff Representative
1st three (3) year term:

Staff to the Committe (Non-Voting)

Orozco, Freddy
Transportation and Parking Operations Coordinator- UTAPS
(916) 278-5242