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Mission & Imperatives

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Resource Development & Sustainability


People Resources

  1. Employ strategies that promote equity for employees through training, education, and professional development.
  2. Build an employee friendly and supported culture that attracts and retains high potential and high performing talent to the university.

Philanthropy and Fiscal Resources

  1. Align and increase philanthropic resources to build stability and support for student success and make transformational investment in the University possible.
  2. Raise Sac State's profile with local, state, and federal leaders and diversify additional funding to expand and leverage university partnerships, and student opportunities.
  3. Build a strong link between community engagement and our philanthropic mission.

Structural/Technological Resources

  1. Expand campus sustainability efforts consistent with, but not limited to, the University 2021 Climate Action Plan
  2. Invest in the physical and digital infrastructures to support desired academic, research, workforce, and accessibility needs while building on lessons learned from the pandemic.

Resource Development & Sustainability

Resources can be defined as financial, human, technological, and structural. To protect those resources, we must increase our efforts in practices that promote the principles of a philanthropic culture, environmental sustainability, accessibility, and the efficient and coordinated use of human capital. We must also work to assure that all members of our campus and wider community have equitable access to those resources.

With unpredictable and varying levels of state funding each year, the University must increasingly rely on philanthropic support, grants, and other revenue streams to augment budgets and ensure consistent funding for university initiatives, priorities, and growth. The continued investment in philanthropic efforts and nurturing a philanthropic culture is necessary to secure funding and partnerships for priorities that expand and enrich the working and learning environment and to increase resources aimed at combating structural inequities for students.

The infrastructure of a university plays a vital role in advancing its priorities for student success and equity. To support teaching and learning we must focus on maintaining, supporting, and developing our essential learning and working spaces. Additionally, we need to invest more in the digital infrastructure to support the post-pandemic learning and working environment as well as address the evolving needs of our diverse campus community.

As we seek to further invest in our infrastructure, we also recognize our statewide environmental challenges such climate change, wildfires, and drought. We must invest in sustainability measures to ensure that Sacramento State is doing our part to mitigate these challenges.

Investment in our workforce is an investment in the success of our students, and in the future of the community where they work, learn, and live. We must move to protect our staff and faculty resources through a greater investment in their social and emotional well-being, provide equitable opportunities for leadership and advancement, intentionally and publicly value their contributions, and create a safe and supportive working environment for them.