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Outstanding Staff Awards

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Outstanding Contribution to Dedicated Community Involvement Staff Award

As an Anchor University, Sacramento State uses its deep roots in the community to develop relationships that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial, and which will lead to long-term collaborations and partnerships that respond to community needs and challenges. University staff play a critical role in supporting our commitment to positively impacting the Sacramento Region.

The nominee for the Outstanding Contribution to Dedicated Community Involvement Award goes above and beyond in their job performance, personal qualities, and/or collaborative efforts to advance Sac State’s Anchor initiatives.


The nominee for this award demonstrates extraordinary commitment to creating and/or supporting a culture of seeing “beyond J Street” in one or more of the following ways:

  • Creating or supporting opportunities for Sac State to align its resources and efforts to cultivate purposeful, long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships across the region to:
    • Confront systemic inequities
    • Transform the lives of our students
    • Strengthen our communities
  • Creating or supporting opportunities, or clearing administrative barriers, for the University to work collaboratively with community partners in one or more of the Anchor priority strategic areas:
    • Pre-K-12 Education
    • Arts & Culture
    • Health & Well-Being
    • Homelessness & Housing
    • Inclusive Economic Opportunity & Workforce
    • Environment, Mobility, and Sustainability
  • Supporting or promoting opportunities for students, faculty, and/or staff to access academic, personal, or professional opportunities or engage in community-based research opportunities.