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Outstanding Staff Awards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check back often for updated information.

Why are the awards based on the University Strategic Plan?

Sac State’s strategic plan serves as a roadmap for the University. It was collaboratively formed from the perspectives, experiences, and feedback from stakeholder groups across the entire campus community.

Every employee contributes to our strategic success. Here are just a few ways that employees fit in to the Strategic Plan. Across the University, staff and administrators:

  • Create opportunities for student success
  • Remove administrative barriers
  • Form community partnerships
  • Make students and employees feel included
  • Secure philanthropic funding
  • Help attract and retain high performing talent to Sac State
  • Employ strategies that promote equity for employees through training, education, and professional development
  • Keeping the campus safe and beautiful

    …These are just a few examples of how employees from every corner of the University have a hand in moving Sacramento State toward the goals in the Strategic Plan and helping our students succeed.

Who is eligible?

  • All staff and administrators (all non-faculty personnel) are eligible for nomination. Members of Cabinet, faculty, and student employees are not eligible to be nominated, but are encouraged to submit nominations.

What if I am on the selection committee and get nominated for an award?

If a selection committee member or one of their relatives is nominated, they will be recused from scoring that award.

Are Auxiliary employees eligible?

Yes! Any staff or manager (excluding Cabinet members) is eligible for an award.

Will the winners be announced before the awards ceremony?

Yes. The awards will be announced publicly before the awards ceremony and reception.

After the event, individuals and groups who were nominated will be notified.

Can someone nominate an employee from a different department or VP area?

Absolutely. An employee can nominate their colleague, supervisor, or someone they work with from a different area.

Can someone nominate themselves for an award?

Yes! If an eligible employee would like to nominate themselves for an individual or team award, they are encouraged to do so.

Can someone be nominated for more than one award?

Absolutely. An employee can win an individual and/or a team award.

What is the cash prize for the Jody Nelsen MVP award?

The Jody Nelsen MVP award comes with a $1,000 prize. (Please note that the cash prize is taxable.)

The MVP will receive a designated parking space near their work area for one year. (A parking permit will still need to be purchased.)

Are previous winners eligible to win again?

Yes, but awardees will be ineligible for consideration for the three subsequent years in the same category following the honor.

MVP awardees will be ineligible for the award for the subsequent five years.

Who can submit a nomination?

Any member of the Sac State community including staff, administrators, faculty, students, or community members may submit an Outstanding Staff Award nomination.

Nomination Process for the Nominator

  • Complete the nomination form online for the appropriate 2023 Outstanding Staff Awards Nomination Form. Nominations will only be accepted through the online form. Submissions should be as detailed as possible in order to provide the selection committee with a significant amount of material for review.
  • Provide contact information for three individuals who will support the nomination
  • It is recommended that you prepare your nomination in advance, using the prompts from the form, and then copy and paste the text into the appropriate fields of the nomination form.

Process for the Selection Committee

  • Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity will confirm the eligibility of nominees.
  • After the nomination period ends, the selection committee will review all nominations and submit their recommendations to the university president. The president will then select the winners and present them with the award, at which time all nominees will be notified of the results.

Who is on the selection committee?

  • An open call for participation on the selection committee was sent for the inaugural year.
  • To have proportional representation, there will be two (2) members each from Academic Affairs, Administration & Business Affairs, and Student Affairs, and one (1) member each from University Advancement, Inclusive Excellence, Information Resources & Technology, the Division of the President, and University Auxiliaries.
  • Vice presidents from each area will select the committee members from those who volunteer through the open call.

Who is on the steering committee?

  • Tatiana Azad, Inclusive Excellence and Advancement Analyst
  • William “Skip” Bishop, Executive Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
  • Karyl Burwell, Executive Director of Student Affairs Strategic Business Resources
  • Gina Curry, Associate Vice President, Financial Services
  • Angel Thayer, Director of Academic Affairs Resources
  • Kristen Tudor, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Leah Walukones, Special Events Coordinator, University Events

If you have additional questions, contact Dr. Kristen Tudor, Deputy Chief of Staff