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Student Affairs Professional Development

Student Affairs recognizes the importance of investing in the professional development of employees to support individual growth, address operational needs, and provide job-enrichment. Student Affairs Professional Development invests in staff by identifying, developing, and facilitating learning opportunities for staff and managers throughout the Division. Aligning with the Division’s values (Integrity, Wellness, Innovation, Inclusivity, Collaboration, Service), we take a holistic approach to providing employees with opportunities to pursue areas of interest and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that enhance engagement and prepare us for the future.

Student Affairs Professional Development Calendar

Certification Programs

GE/GR Advising Training and Certification Program

The GE/GR Advising Training (GGAT) and Certification Program is designed to cross-train Student Services Professionals throughout the division in the First Year Advising discipline. This certificate program provides participants with foundational advising knowledge, skills, and context.

The GGAT Certification Program is a two-week program that includes 12 hours of independent and facilitated training followed by a one-hour evaluated, active student advising session that serves as the program “capstone.”

Once certified, you will be able to assist the Advising Center with First-Year Advising campaigns.

Student Service Center Training and Certification Program

The Student Service Center (SSC) Training and Certification Program supports student success by providing comprehensive customer service training to Student Affairs staff. This six-week program provides an overview of the services provided by the SSC on behalf of: Admissions & Outreach, Financial Wellness, Financial Aid, and the University Registrar. By the end of the training, participants will understand support processes from applying for admissions to applying for graduation, and be better prepared to assist students holistically. Once completed, participants will be prepared to assist the Student Service Center during peak times.

Career For All Training

During this program, you will spend time learning about the various areas of support that the Career Center provides. Your training will consist of one presentation on career development services, resources, and referrals, a presentation on job/internship search strategies, 2-3 independent assignments, and an opportunity to network with department staff, and a wrap-up session at the end of the week where you will be able to work through career conversation scenarios and apply the content you have learned. As a certified Career Center: Career for All Champion, you will have the opportunity to provide basic career development support referrals to students at your own department.

Noontime Knowledge

The Noontime Knowledge Program seeks to provide staff with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by offering presentations, workshops, and trainings that exist within Student Affairs. This is an opportunity to network, learn about other departments within the Division, and explore various career paths. This program aligns with the Student Affairs core value of collaboration. By providing these learning opportunities for our staff, we share information and learn from each other, with the outcome of improving services support for our students.

Every Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester two new learning opportunities will be offered from the Student Affairs Professional Development Catalog. These trainings will all be led by Student Affairs staff/managers in their area of expertise. The program will take place during the lunch hour on designated dates.

Student Affairs Professional Development Catalog

The Division of Student Affairs contains talented staff and leaders that have developed important and meaningful trainings, workshops, and presentations on a variety of expertise. This Catalog is updated every year to include all the professional development opportunities that exist within the Division. This document is used to select the Noontime Knowledge opportunities.

Do you have a training or workshop idea still in the development stage and/or is not currently in the catalog? Contact

Learning Toolkits

The Learning Toolkits are designed to help our Sacramento State staff, faculty, and administrators explore professional development topics, either within their current role or as a growth opportunity.

Each Learning Toolkit is uniquely designed to include a diverse variety of courses, videos, books, podcasts, and articles from trusted sources like LinkedIn Learning, CSU Learn, and leaders in the Learning and Development field. While there are a variety of topics we could choose from, our team was strategic in choosing topics tied to competencies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness as well as the California Department of Human Resources Core Competency Model.

LinkedIn Learning

Sacramento State has teamed up with the LinkedIn Learning Platform for our staff and faculty.

Courses are taught by industry experts and new content is updated daily. The LinkedIn Learning Platform uses data based on industry and workforce trends to provide relevant training courses related to your job or interests in order to take your skills to the next level.

LinkedIn Learning at Sac State

Monthly Video Highlight

Services Student Affairs Professional Development

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