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California State University, Sacramento

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DEGREES Project Division of Student Affairs

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U Mentor

"U" Mentor is a program that aims to promote student success through the avenue of mentorship. Once matched, students are able to actively communicate with their mentors and receive assistance with academic advising, career advising, and overall achievement of success. Both mentors and mentees are required to complete a Development Plan together in order to ensure students and staff/faculty experience a fulfilling mentorship relationship.

Ultimately, the program helps to build connection, community and creates an atmosphere of belonging and self-directedness through the resources the mentoring relationship provides.


For Students

  • Build a close relationship with a Sac State faculty or staff member
  • Increase your success on campus, both academically and emotionally
  • Get the opportunity to give back to promote the success of students following in your footsteps upon your graduation
  • Gain important knowledge about the University’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical to your success at the University
  • Receive feedback in areas such as communication, academics, interpersonal relationships, and professional development
  • Establish a relationship with an individual to whom he or she is able to share frustrations as well as successes
For Mentors
  • Build a close relationship with a Sac State student
  • Increase your mentee’s success on campus, academically and emotionally
  • Help to advance Sac State’s goals of retention and graduation
  • Receive higher job satisfaction
  • Improve teaching skills
  • Be informed choices concerning service to the University
  • Increase collegiality


The Sacramento State U-Mentor program is designed to pair up student mentees to staff/faculty mentors! The purpose of this interaction is to foster a sense of connectivity between our fellow Hornets and all of the resources Sac State has to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the U-Mentor coordinator at