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Financial Wellness Division of Student Affairs

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About the Program

Financial Wellness is a program that educates and prepares students to effectively manage their resources, giving them the confidence that they can cover expenses, emergencies and future financial goals. Peer Coaches are available to meet with students individually for FREE, confidential and unlimited discussions of their financial situation.

Meet the Team!

Photo of Jeff Weston

A photo of Gwen Adao

Senior – Business Major

Photo of Jennifer Cuevas

Senior – Political Science Major

Photo of Mari Gavelovska

Senior – Business Major

Photo of Adrian Garcia

Junior – Criminal Justice Major

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Junior – Business Major

Photo of Carter Osborne


Our program covers a variety of financial wellness related topics, such as:

  • Budgeting/Spending plan
  • Credit/Credit card
  • Investing
  • Savings plan
  • Loan repayment plan
  • Debt reduction plan
  • Auto Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Passive income


We also offer workshops throughout the semester with engaging and timely themes, like:

  • Baristas on a Budget - to learn tips and tricks to making handcrafted coffee at home and save money! Participants will each make their own drink to enjoy!
  • Renting 101 - to know what to expect and how to best financially prepare yourself when entering a new lease.
  • Buying a Car & Auto Insurance - to learn how to prepare yourself and protect your vehicle.
  • Credit 101 - to learn the basics about credit.
  • Passive Income - to help get started on your new passive income stream.
  • Investing - to learn the nuts and bolts and help you get started.
  • Gift Giving on a Budget - to reduce your stress during the season of giving. We'll share tips and gift ideas you can get on a budget.
  • Couples & Finances – learn tips to balancing your finances with your partner!”

Workshop Series

Our program also offers options for workshop series. We work with the workshop requestor on the topics to cover and how many workshops the series should consist of. Financial Wellness ensures that the topics are appropriate and adjusted to fit the audience. An example of a workshop series we piloted this Fall 2023 semester is our 8-week series with a charter high school:

8-Week Workshop Series (for High Schools)

  • Week 1 – Budgeting/Savings/Job Information
  • Week 2 – Career Choice (co-hosted by CSUS Career Center)
  • Week 3 – Taxes
  • Week 4 – Housing and Transportation
  • Week 5 – Loans and Credits
  • Week 6 – Needs and Wants
  • Week 7 – Financial Aid and Resources
  • Week 8 – Final Debrief (students will share their completed budget sheets and provide power point presentation about their learnings from the series)

Each week will cover these topics and provide homework for the students to complete

At the end of the workshop series, the students will provide a presentation of their “experience” each week and what they learned

Each week is co-hosted by different off-campus partners from various banks – US Bank, Chase, and Golden 1 Credit Union.


This website and the information provided by the Sac State Financial Wellness team is for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as investment, legal, and/or tax advice, or to be the basis of specific financial planning activities. If you need investment, legal, and/or tax advice, please consult with one of those professionals. The links to third-party financial resources are provided as a convenience for informational purposes only. Neither Sac State nor its Financial Wellness team endorses or approves any of the products, services, or opinions of the entities or individuals associated with these links. Sac State and its Financial Wellness team bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of any external site associated with the links provided or any subsequent links.