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Guardian Scholars Program Division of Student Affairs

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Future Scholars

There is no deadline for applying to the Guardian Scholars Program. Many students choose to apply as first-time freshmen, but we accept students at any point in their college careers. This includes transfer students and graduate students. Students may apply to Sacramento State and the Guardian Scholars Program simultaneously, but must be accepted to the University before they are eligible to receive services.

Submitting Your Application

Until further notice, please email your completed application to and


Applications will be considered for current and future students from the following categories:

  • Foster Youth - someone who has been in foster care, no matter the length of time
  • Dependent or ward of the court - someone who has received protection from the court and may have had a legal guardian appointed either by the court or by parental consent
  • Emancipated minor - someone who is a minor (under age 18 in CA) and is no longer under parental control.
  • Orphaned - someone whose parents or legal guardians are deceased
  • Homeless (or at-risk of being homeless) - someone who is living in a shelter, on the street, or “couch hopping”
  • Living with kin (arranged formally or informally) - someone whose care is provided by relatives or extended family member(s) due to any number of reasons
  • Application Process

Remaining Eligible

To remain eligible and active in the program, you must:

  • Meet with a Guardian Scholars Program staff, face-to-face, at least once a month
  • Participate in a Supplemental Instruction course through PARC, MLK, Guardian Scholars Program, or a supplemental course relating to a course you are currently taking. (Freshman)
  • Meet with an assigned professional mentor at least once a month, face-to-face. (Freshman and Sophomore students only; optional for Juniors and Seniors)
  • Participate in at least three campus events per semester. Examples: GSP monthly socials, guest speaker engagements, other campus events being offered through other offices on campus or the Guardian Scholars Program, etc.
  • Allow monitoring of your student records and academic performance via progress reports facilitated by Guardian Scholars program staff
  • Be responsive to staff emails and telephone calls