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Multi-Cultural Center Division of Student Affairs

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MCC Signature Events

The Social Justice Leadership Seminar

To challenge the inequities that exist within communities, individuals need knowledge and tools to become agents of positive social change. The Multi-Cultural Center offers the Social Justice Leadership Seminar (SJLS), a seven-week certificate program designed for students at Sacramento State. The SJLS will provide leadership, professional competencies, critical thinking, and social change skills to become more culturally competent and advance social justice.

The SJLS will analyze various social justice concepts through community discussion, activities, and presentations. Topics of focus include:

  • Identity & Intersectionality: Will reflect on their identities and positionality to understand how multiple identities make them unique beings.
  • Privilege: Privilege is present everywhere. Students will learn to recognize and use their privilege to address social inequities.
  • Oppression: Will examine different levels of oppression (internalized and structural), how they are normalized, and the barriers they create for underrepresented communities.
  • Power: this session introduces the term of power to examine the manifestation of power and explains how it impacts different communities.
  • Allyship/Solidarity: Will explore the differences between allyship and solidarity, and how students can become allies of oppressed communities.
  • Wellness: Will raise awareness of the importance of mental health in social justice work. Students will learn and share strategies to practice self-care and ensure wellness.
  • Leadership: Will examine how students can apply their knowledge and newly acquired skills to become agents of social change in their communities.

The seminar meets during seven weeks of the semester. Registration is available at the beginning of each semester. For additional information, contact MCC Program Coordinator, Erik Ramirez, at

All People’s Recognition Ceremony

At Sacramento State, many individuals work tirelessly to make the campus a better place and advance social justice efforts. The All People’s Recognition Ceremony is a yearly event, celebrated in May, which recognizes those who make a positive difference on campus but whose work goes unrecognized. Members of the Hornet family can nominate any student, staff, administrator, or faculty member for recognition. Nominations can be submitted at the beginning of April. For additional information, please contact MCC Coordinator, Erik Ramirez, at