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California State University, Sacramento

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Project Rebound Division Of Student Affairs

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Project Rebound Services

What We Do

  • Providing enrollment support
  • Academic advising
  • A sense of community
  • Liaison to campus and community resources
  • Educational workshops for students & incarcerated people
  • Professional development opportunities for students

Our Presentations

Project Rebound is a campus equity program on nine California State University campuses, and we hope to expand to seven additional campuses in 2019.

Our higher education presentations partner with other CSU, UC, and community college campuses to allow for networking opportunities with people across from the state. Additionally, most of the presenters have served some form of incarceration, at county, state, or federal institutions, allowing them to share their experiences and offer keen sight at the transformation that is available through educational opportunities. Presentations include a workbook for the attendees, a PowerPoint presentation, and a breakout session into smaller groups. The areas of interest that we cover in our presentations are:

  • Admissions Process & Requirements
  • Financial Aid
  • Attending On-Campus Classes
  • Campus Resources
  • Degree Plans
  • Graduate Studies
  • Research
  • Post-Graduation & Careers
  • Impact of a Degree
  • Statewide Campus Programs