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Student-Athlete Development & Life Skills

Career Development and Life Skills

Developing a career plan is one of the key components of your college education. As a student-athlete, you are attractive to employers in many ways.

Through participation in athletics, student-athletes develop many skills that are valuable in the workplace. Some of those skills include teamwork, communication, leadership, multi-tasking, ability to perform under pressure, and goal setting. Student-athletes also tend to be more outgoing and assertive which makes them excellent candidates for sales and customer service positions.

Career Planning should begin early in your college career. Student-athletes should take a tour of the Career Center during their freshman or sophomore year. Most Freshman Seminar courses take a tour of the Center.

You should also attend Major and Career Fairs and register with Career Connection early in your college career. As a junior and senior you should attend many of the valuable workshops provided by the Career Center.




Personal Development/Life Skills Program

The primary goal of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills commitment to personal development area is to support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, personal growth and decision-making skills.

Sacramento State is committed to providing student-athletes with the resources and information to help them become responsible and conscientious young men and women. This includes but is not limited to educational programs related to alcohol and other drugs, access to information and/or presentations related to nutrition, sexual responsibility, diversity, media relations, violence prevention and freshman seminar experiences that include the topics of: adjustment to college life, money management, student services, communication skills, appreciating diversity, recognizing and dealing with stress, developing a personal set of values, and many more.

Through the services provided by the Life Skills program, student-athletes are provided a number of opportunities to further develop healthy lifestyles and to become well-balanced, well-adjusted individuals. Sacramento State offers a variety of programs and services to assist student-athletes with their personal development. Some of those programs are listed below.

General Studies 21 - Freshman Seminar

As part of enhancing the educational experience of student-athletes, Sacramento State annually offers three sections of General Studies 21 - Freshman Seminar specifically for student-athletes. Members of the Student-Athlete Resource Center staff teach these courses. General Studies 21 (GNST 21) is a freshman seminar course intended to provide students with an introduction to the nature and possible meanings of higher education and the functions and resources of the University.

The course is designed to help students develop and exercise fundamental academic success strategies and to improve their basic learning skills. The course will consist of in-class activities, lectures, and several outside-of-class assignments and readings. Guest speakers are routinely invited to speak with student-athletes on topics ranging from health issues to academic honesty to money management.