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Academic Testing Center Services

Pearson Vue

The Sacramento State Academic Testing Center is a Pearson VUE Computer-Based testing center. Pearson VUE is the leading provider of computer-based testing solutions for credentialing and licensure in a wide variety of industries. We provide a site and proctoring for a large number of these high-stakes exams. Exams are generally offered weekly, with some exceptions. Please visit Pearson VUE for Additional information, registration and test dates.

Accommodated Exams

The Academic Testing Center will proctor exams for students approved for testing accommodations. This service is for exams that the entire class is required to take under proctored conditions.

For exams administered via Canvas, the Academic Testing Center will coordinate auxiliary aids, such as readers, scribes, and/or appropriate assistive technology for students approved for such accommodations. Professors and students should contact the Academic Testing Center by email at for questions, or to request assistant with implementing auxiliary aids.

How to Schedule an Accommodated Exam

  1. The Student Portal allows registered students to schedule accommodated tests online, as well as view and cancel scheduled tests.
    • Visit the Student Portal
    • Click on “Schedule a test or exam”​
  1. Click “Schedule a test, midterm or quiz”
    • You will be redirected to your Sac State single sign-on page
    • Log in with your Sac State username and password
  1. The online “Test Booking System” screen will appear. Read the instructions and click “next”. Note: On the following screens, use the “Previous button” if you need to go back. Do not use your browser’s back button.
    • Select Course—use the drop-down menu to select course and click “next”
    • Class date and time—choose the date and time when the rest of the class is scheduled to take the test. Choose the duration of the test for the rest of the class. Do not include extended time, as the system will calculate it for you.
    • Confirm prof info-confirm instructor information and click “next”
    • Choose accommodations—select accommodations that apply for the test you are taking.
    • Select your test time—Select the date and time of the test.
    • Confirm and complete—review the test information. IF everything is correct, check the acknowledgment button at the bottom of the screen
    • Click finish—note: your testing booking will not be submitted until you click on “Finish”

Make-up Exams

The Academic Testing Center will proctor instructor-approved make-up exams that students are unable to take during the regularly scheduled time offered by the instructor. Proctoring of exams is only offered upon approval of the instructor.

How to Schedule a Make-up Exam

Step #1: Obtain approval

  1. Contact your professor and obtain approval to take a make-up exam.
  2. The make-up exam fee is $6 and will be charged to your student account.

Step #2: Complete the make-up test request form

  1. Students must make an appointment with the Testing Center at least five (5) days before their scheduled exam.
  2. Complete the make-up test request form
  3. The Testing Center will send a confirmation email to both you and your professor within 24-48 business hours.

Correspondence Exams - Non-Sacramento State University Exams

The Academic Testing Center offers proctoring services for students participating in distant learning programs, correspondence degree programs, professional who need to be testing to receive certification in their field, and other college or university students who need to have an exam proctored. We offer both paper-based testing and computer-based testing.

How to Schedule a Correspondence Exam

Step #1: Obtain Approval/Pay Fee

  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to coordinate with their home school/university to meet the specific requirements for each test proctored. The Testing Coordinator of the Testing Center will complete all necessary proctor paperwork. We recommend that you initiate the process at least two (2) weeks prior to your anticipated appointment. Candidates must have a prearranged appointment, we do not take walk-ins.
  • The fee is $60/test (up to a four-hour block). Payment for proctoring services can be paid online through the Testing Payment Page. Payment must be received at least 48 hours (about 2 days) prior to your appointment. Please take a screenshot of your payment and submit it to the Testing Center.

Step #2: Arrange a Testing Appointment

  • Please plan to schedule your exam at least 7-10 business days in advance. Note: some institutions will not send out paper exams or email exams until a couple of days prior to the test date. If that is your situation, you may make a tentative appointment if a proctor agreement has been received, but you must confirm at least 24 business hours in advance that the exam has been received by our office.
  • Complete the Correspondence Test Request Form. You will receive an email from the Testing Center within 24-48 business hours with the booking details, once payment has been verified.

Step #3: Testing Day

  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled. Please notify us if you need to change or cancel your appointment.
  • Current photo identification is required for check-in.
  • All personal items will be locked in an available small locker.


California State University, Sacramento is now offering testing services for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) to cater to current students, applicants, and the broader Sacramento community. The TEAS exam, version 7, is administered exclusively online. CSUS serves as an "open" testing site for TEAS assessments, welcoming both students and non-students.

The TEAS exam, comprising multiple-choice questions, evaluates fundamental academic proficiency in reading, mathematics, science, English, and language usage. The exam focuses on objectives that nurse educators have identified as vital for measuring the entry-level skills and capabilities of aspiring nursing program candidates.

To gauge content comprehension, composite scores and various sub-scores are generated for each of the four content domains. Upon completion of the exam, results are promptly available. Furthermore, candidates can access their results through their ATI account on the ATI website.

When registering for the exam, please make sure to select “CA State Sacramento TEAS” as your preferred testing location.

Test Administration Hours:

Prospective test-takers are required to register online. Exams are offered at 8:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, strictly by appointment.

Test Administration Guidelines:

  • All exams are administered in a computer-based format.
  • Arriving no more than 15 minutes before the exam is recommended; entry is not permitted 10 minutes beyond the designated start time.
  • A valid state or federal photo ID, along with the ATI username and password, must be presented.
  • Approximately four hours should be allocated for the exam, accounting for three and a half hours of examination time and instructional guidance.
  • Following the math section, a 10-minute break is scheduled. Personal items cannot be accessed during this break.
  • Personal calculators are prohibited, as the exam software provides one.
  • Pencils and scratch paper are provided.
  • Small lockers are available for securing personal belongings.

What accommodations are available for TEAS at ATI Exams?

If you are taking the TEAS Online Exam - Proctored by Sac State Testing Center, these are the accommodations set forth for the TEAS exam:

Accommodations may be available to individuals with documented disabilities pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ATI provides reasonable testing accommodations to candidates whose documented disabilities or other qualifying medical conditions hinder their ability to take the examination under standard conditions. Please be aware that submission of a request for an accommodation does not guarantee testing accommodations. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis considering the information submitted and in accordance with the law.

Requests for accommodations will be processed as quickly as possible. Candidates should allow for a minimum of 30 days for processing, with the understanding that some cases may take longer. Candidates should include all the required documentation (see instructions below for what is required) with their initial request.

To be considered for accommodations, please submit the Sac State Testing Center Accommodation Request Form at least 30 days prior to testing/signing up for a test date.

Attach a letter from an objective physician or healthcare professional qualified to diagnose the disability or medical condition and render an opinion as to the need for accommodation. An “objective” professional is one who is not the requestor or related to the requestor. The letter must be dated within 2 years of the anticipated date of your exam.

If you are a high school student, or post-secondary student who is within 2 years of high school graduation, an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) may be used in lieu of the letter provided the IEP is actively in place. The letter or IEP MUST include the following:

  • The specific disability/diagnosis. Mental/emotional disabilities must be accompanied by a numerical DSM-IV classification code.
  • A brief explanation of how this condition limits the candidate’s ability to take the exam under standard conditions.
  • If this is not a permanent disability or diagnosis, include date first diagnosed, approximate duration, and method used to make the diagnosis.
  • Specific accommodations required. These accommodations should be adequate without creating an unfair advantage. Please note that candidates who require extra time to complete the exam will be given 1 1/2 times the standard allotted time. If more time is needed, the letter or IEP must specifically state how much time is needed and why that amount of time is required. Generally, this information is contained in the triennial psychoeducational evaluation section of the IEP.

Sac State Testing Center Accommodation Request Form

American & California Government Challenge Exam

The Department of Political Science offers one challenge examination for students needing to fulfill the American Institutions requirement.

National and State Government Exam

Satisfies the American Institutions (AI) requirements for knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, National Government, and California State and Local Government.

  • Only currently enrolled Sacramento State students can take the exam and can only take it once.
    • The exam is 90-minutes and is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions. A passing score is correctly answering 60 or more questions.
  • No grades or units are awarded for passing the exams.
  • Political Science majors cannot take the challenge exam.
    • POLS I or 150 (or their equivalent) are required for the major.

Exam Scheduling

Exams are held in-person at the CSUS Testing Center for a $6.00 fee. Students should complete the American and California Challenge Exam Form to schedule the exam. The Testing Center will follow up directly once a request has been received.

Suggested Reading List

  • National and State Government (includes U.S. Constitution and California Government This exam covers American political and Constitutional history, federalism, civil liberties, political parties, elections, interest groups, the three branches of government at the national level as well as the bureaucracy. Students should thoroughly read one of the following textbooks as well one of the California readings:
  • California State and Local Government Students should thoroughly read on the following textbooks: