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Academic Testing Center Division of Student Affairs

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Testing Resources

The Student’s Responsibility

  1. Ensure you have an approved DAC accommodation letter that is valid for the current academic term.
  2. Contact the Testing Center to schedule a Testing Center Orientation (10-15 minutes). A Testing Center Staff Member will provide you with an orientation of Testing Center processes, as well as provide a tour of the Testing Center.
  3. Make a Testing Appointment with the Testing Center at least five (5) days before your scheduled exam. If possible, schedule all known exams in advance.
  4. Register for your test or quiz time in the DAC Student Portal. Select 'Schedule Test or Quiz,' and follow the prompts for scheduling your exam.
  5. Select a Testing Appointment that is closest to the time that your class is taking the exam unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case your professor has final approval of the alternate time.
  6. Review your class schedule to ensure that you have sufficient breaks between class meetings to allow for proctoring of your quizzes and exams, especially if you are approved for additional time on quizzes and exams.
  7. Present a valid (unexpired) and acceptable photo ID(s)to take your test.
  8. Arrive at the DAC Testing Center at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled start time. Students who arrive fifteen or more minutes late for a scheduled exam will not be admitted to the proctoring session.
  9. No personal items, including but not limited to mobile phones and other electronic devices, watches, wallets, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, heavy coats, jackets, eyeglass cases are allowed in the testing room. No books and/or notes are allowed in the testing room unless pre-authorized. All electronic devices must be turned off before storing them in the designated secure area. Studying IS NOT allowed in the test center.

The Testing Center's Responsibility

  • Provide a reduced distraction environment in which to take a test.
  • Testing Center will provide answer material (including scantron, blue book, scratch paper, etc.)
  • Testing Center Staff are not allowed to modify scheduled testing appointments. Your professor must contact the Testing Center via email at to make any modifications to scheduled test dates and times.
  • All reports of academic dishonesty or failure to comply with the Testing Center guidelines, as noted above, will be reported to the Student Conduct Office and/or the appropriate faculty/administrator.
  • For security purposes the Testing Center utilizes video monitoring throughout the office, and all proctored test sessions are recorded.

Testing Fees

For more information about the Academic Testing Center’s fees and payment deadlines, please review the table below. You must give 24-hour notice to reschedule.

Note: Please note that the Academic Testing Center is unable to issue refunds.

Examination Fee Deadline
Make-Up $6/test Charged to student’s account the day of exam
Accommodated No Fee (Sacramento State students only) Please schedule your exam at least five (5) business days before your scheduled exam.
Correspondence $60 (4-hour block) Must be paid 48 hours (about 2 days) in advance
TEAS $117 registration fee Visit ATI Testing for more information
Pearson VUE Fees Vary per exam Visit Pearson Vue for more information
Challenge Exam $6.00/test Charged to student’s account the day of the exam

Driving Directions

Please arrive at Sac State early (give yourself 20-30 minutes) as the university is large and can be difficult to navigate.

Please go to the Visitor Information page to find out more information on parking and how to get to campus.

You will need to purchase a daily parking permit. Parking permits are available from one of the daily permit machines (they are yellow in color). View the Campus Map.

Please report to the Sac State Academic Testing Center located in Library South, Lower Level, Room 14. Please note that there is no elevator or entry access from the main level of the library. The entrance is located outside, between the library and the AIRC building. There is ramp and stair access to the Testing Center on both sides of the breezeway. The entrance is located underneath the breezeway/bridge (between the Library and AIRC). View Aerial Photo of the Test Center Location. If you need further assistance please call the Testing Center at (916) 278-6296 or email us at and we can assist you.


  1. West to Capitol City Fwy (Hwy 50)
  2. Exit at "Howe Ave/Power Inn/CSUS"
  3. Exit at "CSUS ramp"
  4. Left at "College Town Drive"
  5. Right at "State University Drive"


  1. East to Sacramento / Placerville
  2. Exit at "Howe Ave/Power Inn/CSUS"
  3. Exit at "CSUS ramp"
  4. Left at "College Town Drive"
  5. Right at "State University Drive"


  1. East on "J Street"
  2. Right at "Carlson"
  3. Left at "State University Drive"


  1. West towards San Francisco
  2. Exit "Howe Ave/Power Inn/CSUS"
  3. Continue straight (crossing Howe Avenue)
  4. Right at "State University Drive"

Information for Faculty

DAC utilizes an online portal called Clockwork for exam scheduling and management. Faculty can access the ClockWork portal to view exam appointments made by DAC students in their course and to upload exam materials and instructions for testing. Faculty may also access the Accommodations Letters of each of their students registered with DAC through this portal.

Please note the following:

  • It is the students' responsibility to schedule their exam appointments at least 5 days in advance. If the appointment is made, an email will be sent out to the professor requesting the exam be provided. The student will also receive a confirmation email.
  • DAC uses the same portal for Make-up exams.

Methods of Exam Delivery to the Testing Center:

    • If submitting the exam through the portal is not possible, please email the exam and proctoring instructions to

Methods of Exam Retrieval from the Testing Center:

  • You may pick up your exam at the Testing Center (located at Lower Level Library #14)
  • You may request that the exam is scanned and emailed back to you

Uploading Testing Documents:

  1. Students will sign up for exams using the University’s new Disability Service portal. Once a student submits an exam proctoring request, the appropriate faculty member will be notified via email from
  2. Visit the Faculty Portal
  3. You will be required to sign in to your Sac Link account if you are not already signed in.
  4. Once you have entered the portal, select “courses”, and locate the respective course.
  5. Then look to the right of the page under the ‘Options’ heading and select “Test and Quizzes.”
  6. Locate the appropriate test date and under the ‘Actions’ heading select
  7. "Confirm/Edit."
  8. Follow the prompts and provide the requested information relevant to your exam. It is particularly important that you complete all the informational fields to ensure that the Testing Center accurately coordinates the identified student’s exam.
  9. You will be given the option to upload the exam immediately. However, if the exam is Canvas-based, or you do not have the exam available, you can always sign in to the portal and upload your exam at a later date.
  10. If the exam is not Canvas-based, please submit all exams at least one business day prior to the scheduled exam date. You will receive a reminder email to upload or email your exam.
  11. Please log into Canvas and ensure that you have appropriately adjusted each approved student’s accommodated exam and quiz time. If you need assistance with this process, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.